Monday, July 5, 2010

Thank you all for the super kind comments in my post from yesterday.

I was all set today to go out there with a positive attitude and explore Beijing, but it is so incredibly hot... I couldn't do it. When you step foot outside you can literally feel your skin burning! Its like an oven. I haven't left my house all day and it pains me, because today the sky is blue blue blue, and there is not a cloud (err, a pollution cloud?) in the sky. I'm sad such a beautiful smog-free day had to be so hot.

What information did have for me? Just how how IS it in Beijing today....

Definitely not my imagination. It is too hot for anything other than sitting in my house watching episode after episode of United States of Tara, obsessively checking Sephora's website to see if a new palette I want is in stock yet, and talking myself out of going to the gym yet again. Oh, and looking at these super cute pictures from an article in today's paper about the insanely high temperatures all across China lately!

A Panda in Wuhan desperately trying to stay cool by laying on a huge block of ice. Poor guy!

so yes. Its hot. very hot. And the final two episodes are calling me...



  1. it was really really hot in germany too, these past weeks. BUT Im back in Seattle, upper 60s and I caught a cold =D

  2. Wow I hate when it's too hot to function--that picture of the panda is so cute!

  3. oof yes beijing gets scorching in the summer D: go to a shopping department store and camp out somewhere where there's A/C !

    that is really cool! san diego is so lovely. my family just moved here less than a year ago. i hope you get to move back here :)

  4. wow, 106 degrees? it's pretty breezy and cold here in LA, and it's supposed to be summer. :/

    btw, thanks for the birthday greeting! :)

  5. I found your blog on thenest....I'm a lurker ;) I wanted to tell you that I am enjoying reading about your adventures and learning too :) Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Hi Robyn!! Thanks for reading!

    Carla, good to see you around, feel better soon!

    Mimi - I'm used to Monterey weather where it was like 55 year around! hah!

  7. My fiancé and I are planning a trip to Asia and so far the temperatures are announced to be around 105°F, too.... I hope you have air conditioning !!

  8. And I thought 91 was hot!
    And that dog is really adorable, mine loves watermelon too.

    I just started watching United States of Tara, just finished the first disc. It's so funny, and a good way to fill an afternoon.

    Try and stay cool!

    Chic on the Cheap