Friday, August 13, 2010

HELP me decide! What cooking class should I take next?

I'm completely indecisive and need help deciding! In case you are wondering - pork is the meat of choice in China, and "fragrant fish" actually has nothing to do with fish (doesn't use, taste or smell like fish) and is completely delicious. Also, I love eggplant & spinach... (just for reference). I want to use what I learn in class in my own kitchen!


stir fry pork
braise chicken with mushroom
Fish fragrant pork (stir fry pork with chili) (hot)
Stirfry pork with garlic shoot/celery…
Three treasures (braise potato, eggplant and green pepper)


Braise pork rib with soy sauce and sugar
Black pepper beef
Stir fry beef with chili pepper (hot)
Fish fragrant eggplant (braise eggplant with chili) (hot)
Stirfry spinach with garlic

(Dim Sum)

barbecued pork ( char siu)
steam bun in two filling ( char siu and fresh meat )
Wonton and soup


Braise beef with bamboo shoot/white radish
Dry stirfry chicken (hot)
Dry stirfry beef (hot)
Mapo doufu ( numb and hot)
Blunch vegetable ***I don't know what this is, I just copied and pasted... lol**




  1. I think Class C would be a good one to try next!:D

    Let me know what you pick!:D
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  2. So i'm realllllly particular to the dim sum class because I'm cantonese, but I also think those are the dishes my caucasian friends enjoy the most! Who doens't like bbq pork? After you learn how to make that it can be used over and over again within bao, fried with noodles or rice, on top of noodle soup, etc. One thing tho is you already know how to make dumplings so learning how to make wontons would be a waste of your time (same process, almost exactly). Darn, can't wait to see what you choose! I'm drooling here!

  3. I think you should rule out Class D. Dim Sum is something that you go to a restaurant for. It is all about the experience and time with friends and family. I would choose the class that you would most likely recreate at home and do a family style dinner. I choose Class C. Can't wait to see what you cook up next.

  4. I vote for B so that you can come back and tell me how to make 鱼香肉丝 and 地三鲜! Those are two of my favorites that I haven't had in years!

  5. i think class D would be really fun:D Good Luck!


  6. Do them all haha! I had a blast in China and as soon as I got there I regret not getting your info. We really should have met up.

  7. I would do C

  8. OMG I am SO hungry now and they ALL sounds FABULOUS! I would probably try Class C first! YUM!

    Would love to hear which one you chose!

  9. I chose C, guys! Thanks for the help! I think it sounds super yummy. I plan to take pretty much all of them at some point.

    Kelly and Sara: aww see! you should have!! lol. I hope you enjoyed your time here! I bet you were ready to go home when it was time though, haha! :)


  10. oh and Jean, I will totally get the recipe for the noodles from the chef when I am there this time, and make sure to do a post for you!! You can definitely do it at home. I think the only thing that is important is to get good quality soy sauce & Chinese vinegar.

  11. Meg - I chose C, but I am still making the fragrant fish sauce, and I'll ask the chef but I bet once you know what to do with that, its easy to substitute pork for the eggplant. I'll do a post on it after!

  12. i'm happy you chose C, that was what i was gonna vote for. haha. ;)

    <3, Mimi

  13. C is a great choice ! Everything sounds so yummy !! :)

  14. E for hot! i looveee mapo doufu :) you're going to much such yummy food i'm so excited! hehe thank you for your sweet comment steph <3

  15. Oh yay! I'm looking forward to making them on an ambitious weekend.

    And I'm glad you chose C...I read teh comments and Couture & Crayons is right..dim sum is something you go out to eat. C is full of dishes that my mom makes and I love. I don't know how to cook any of them ('cept for fragrant fish eggplant which I love) so you'll have a leg up from me!