Friday, March 18, 2011

**(Mini) Blog sale!** Cleaning out my closet!

Do you ever have a few items that you hold onto and hold onto, because they are really cute and you don't want to let them go? but then time passes, and for whatever reason, you rarely end up wearing them, if at all?

I feel this way about a few items in my closet for sure! As I was looking through my closet to take an inventory of what I will need for spring and summer, my eyes kept falling on a few things that I like, but for whatever reason just don't work for me or haven't been worn. (Okay, and I also decided that if I sold a few things, maybe some of the guilt I have over splurging at Piperlime's "Give & Get" will go away...;))

How this will work

1. If you are interested in an item, e-mail me at Misshark122 at aol dot com - use the item description as the subject line. Items are reserved first come first serve.

2. I will accept payment only through paypal: use the same e-mail address as shown above.

3. Shipping - I will ship USPS priority mail, which you will receive within 2 weeks. Shipping will vary depending on the item weight, but I will always ship the cheapest possible way. For the dresses and top, I anticipate shipping to be approximately $6, for the shoes, a little more because of weight. I will scan the receipt for you so you see exactly what I paid.

OK, here we go... not too many things at this point.

Item #1. Banana Republic Navy & White Striped Dress - on trend with Spring & Summer's nautical theme!

Size: XS
Fabric: 95% Rayon, 5% Spandex
Made in Vietnam, Hand wash or machine wash cold, gentle cycle
Worn once, item is in "like new" condition, no snags, no holes, absolutely no imperfections.

Item #2. Banana Republic Blue Dress - very pretty bright blue, great for spring and summer!

Size: XS
Fabric: 93% Rayon, 5% Spandex
Made in Vietnam, hand wash or machine wash cold, gentle cycle
Never worn (aside from trying it on and off), like-new condition, no snags, no imperfections

Item #3. Express Floral Dress
Size: 4
Fabric: 100% Silk shell, 100% polyester lining
Dry clean only
Worn once for a wedding, like-new condition, no defects or imperfections

Item #4. Anthropologie Navy Ric Rac Brand Sweetheart Ruffle Shirt

Size: S
100% Cotton, machine wash cold
Worn once or twice, in like-new condition, no defects or imperfections

Item #5. Banana Republic Brown Leather Espradille Wedges - on trend for spring and summer!

Size: 8 1/2
Brown leather upper with Espradille "straw style" wedge
Lightweight and solid, comfortable, good quality
Worn probably once for a few hours!

Item #6. Ann Taylor Deep V-neck Crimson Top
Size: S
Fabric: 96% Viscose, 4% Elastene
Machine wash
Worn once or twice, like new condition, no issues or imperfections - this fabric is very nice and soft, comfy

That's all for now. I have a few other things I KNOW I should part with, but I just can't bring myself to yet.

If you are interested in any of the above, be sure to e-mail me to reserve.



  1. Hey Steph! Haven't talked to you in FOREVER! How is China treating you? You sound soo much better now than you did when you first got there. Your experiences look amazing!!! I saw your pics from Shanghai and they made me very misty...I miss that place for sure! I am super excited to see your summer travel photos...I'm sure your going to have an aMAZING time. WHen do you guys have to leave there? I know you said a year, but would you guys stay longer? Anyway, hope you are well!!! kel

  2. Hey Kel!! Yep, I'd say month 4/5 was horrible! I was so homesick and in the midst of culture shock. But month 6 came and it was like I became a totally different person... I just needed time to adjust! I'm loving China now and will be sad to leave. I am afraid life in the US will seem boring after this ;) I just met the coolest cab driver today.. we spoke the whole cab ride, and he wanted to shake my hand when I got out of the cab. Love having those positive experiences!

    We will be leaving here the end of May. Our China-life is not over though, we'll most likely move back after a few years in the States - maybe - we'll see - depending on my job situation. It's a definite possibility though. I have a feeling China will be closely intertwined with our lives. I am looking forward to our summer trip though!!

    How have you been?!! I hope everything is going well!! Nice to see you pop over!!


  3. Oh, you know, it reminds me of something someone told me in Xi'an - 万事开头难 - everything has a difficult beginning. definitely true!

    Oh, I also stopped going to the language school I was going to - I wasn't a huge fan - and now I have a tutor who comes over and I love her style & I'm learning so much! that plays a role too.

  4. If only those shoes were 3 sizes smaller! I'd scoop them up in a minute.

  5. Great idea! Good luck with cleaning out your closet. I just did that with our move and it's so nice having extra space! Even though it actually just gives me an excuse to buy more! Haha. :) Haven't been here in a while. Hope you're doing well.

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