Friday, September 10, 2010

Exercise Accountability Update!

Hey guys! sorry I've been a little MIA. I've been a little homesick lately. Luckily my in-laws are coming next week ... and I am so happy to have some family coming! I think it's just what I need to rejuvenate myself.

Last week was my first week of this "challenge" and... it's been challenging, ha ha!! I worked out 3 days last week. Hey that's up 3 times from what I was doing before, so I'm not being too hard on myself. I did 2 weight lifting days and 1 cardio day last week. This week is going alright - I've done 2 cardio days so far and today and tomorrow I am doing weight lifting. That's the plan and I WILL work out today and tomorrow. I had a certain goal of how many days I'd lift weights and how many days I'd do cardio, and I know the reason I have been choosing cardio over weights is because of my gym. Like many places in China, there are many people working somewhere - way more than needed, so some people really don't have anything to work on. Last Friday as I was doing bicep curls at the gym, the trainer, who is not training me, was standing 3 feet away from me staring at me the entire time. Awkward! I know he probably has the best of intentions but let's face it, I'm a little antisocial sometimes and when I'm lifting weights, that is definitely one of those times.

I think I may have chosen a bad time in general to start a challenge like this - the in-laws will be here for two weeks, and in those two weeks we will be doing a lot of sightseeing and traveling! I don't know how I will workout on the road, so I might have to be a little forgiving of myself - or just count the extensive walking and hiking we will do (we are going to Huang Shan in Anhui Province).

So, let's see - that's 3 days last week and it WILL be 4 days this week. One of my readers pointed me to an article with the theory of doing things gradually - so, maybe this is how I am supposed to do it.... 3 days the first week, 4 days the next, and 5 the third week, which of course was my goal (as well as consistency).

And I leave you with the 5 things I miss most about home:

1. my dog

2. good Western food
3. driving myself everywhere instead of relying on the subway (sardines) or taxi drivers (potential attitude)
4. the ocean

5. fresh air and blue skies (see above)

.... but I also thought it would be good to think about 5 things I like about China

1. the adventure of never knowing what to expect
2. cheap massages
3. the history practically everywhere you look
4. the beautiful parks great for people watching
5. the opportunity to use my Chinese



  1. argh....I am soo frustrated with myself. I wanted to start LAST thursday...and with moving and unpacking...oh my. BUT, I will say that in this new house we have 2 flights of steps that are SUPER steep and my buns feel sore after every day!! !:) so,, that is good since that IS the area I am working towards the most! :) Ok, I am going to start. Actually, this weekend. I did go biking in Aspen last weekend with the kids in tow, so...that was hard. Oh dear...who am I kidding...I need consistency and actually running. AAAHHHH :)

  2. I miss good western food when I am in China too. What a cute dog!

  3. I'd certainly take advantage of the cheap massages:) I need to get on the exercise accountability bandwagon. I keep making excuses for myself :( I just need to do it!

    (The Pretty Pauper)

  4. 3 times is 3 times more than I did this past week! :D
    Aww. sorry to hear you're homesick but I feel so bad you don't get to be with your dog?!?! Hope your parents visit cheers u up a bit!

    xx Vivian @

  5. I hope you feel better! Im glad to hear you will be seeing family very soon :)


  6. Steph, thanks for the blog! It's really cool. I loved the recipes you posted a few days ago, I have to give those a try. As far as traveling and working out....seems like you're going to be doing lots of walking and climbing, so don't feel bad. I found a lot of value in your last posting. It is good to think about all of the things you miss, but it is also important to think about what you've gained. What a great experience! Enjoy your time out there, home will be here waiting for you. Take good care of yourself.

  7. so glad that you have done this challenge. 3 days is great! i actually need to get back into cardio mode. so proud!

  8. hi! I just stumbled upon your sweet little blog today and couldn't help but hit the follow button! I look forward to following your adventures in the future! xo kate

  9. Hi there,
    I could appreciate your list of things you miss about home and things you love about China. I live in Okinawa, so I could really relate to missing food and pet. We do have gorgeous ocean and blue skies here so lucky in that sense. I also will miss lots of the historical and cultural aspects of life in Asia though.

    Looking forward to reading more. I've been to China a few times, but it's great to read the perspective of someone living there.

  10. WOW... i just found your blog and i'm lovin it... must be such and experience to live in China, but I can imagine that you miss it terribly... :( I'll be back! ;)

    P.S: I bet you'd love my custom map pendant giveaway! :D Come and join in!

  11. I'd miss my doggy if I was in China too...oh and if I had a dog. China sounds so awesome though, what an experience!