Thursday, November 11, 2010

桂林山水甲天下! Guilin and Yangshuo, Guangxi Province

How beautiful. Like something out of a movie. Definitely my favorite place in China, not a single thing disappointed me or made me think it looked better in the brochure. Before going to Guilin, we had been in Guizhou Province, one of China's poorest provinces. We didn't see a single other Westerner the entire time we were in Guizhou. When we arrived in Guilin, it was Westerners galore... but, for good reason... it was really amazing, no wonder people flock there in droves. If you are coming to China and limited on time, the Guilin area is definitely something not to be missed.

Cruising down the Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo. Highly recommend - from the river is the best way to see the mountains.

Look familiar?

The view of the village we stayed in from Moon Hill

The view from our room... how amazing is that?

The night we arrived, we went in a boat alongside this cormorant fisher so we can watch him work! What they do is take a string and tie it around the cormorant's neck... that way when the bird catches fish, he can't swallow the fish... the farmer keeps the bigger fish for himself, and feeds the bird the smaller ones.

Some fishies he caught.

Yes I actually held the bird, even though birds in general scare me... hah. And yes. I was creeped out. But I did it! haha!

The next day our amazing guide took us to the village she grew up in. It was about an hour and a half boat ride away from Yangshuo. It was so amazing to be out on a part of the river where we were basically the only ones out there!

Harvesting the rice. My favorite photo.

Some village children peeking around the corner to check us out. They stayed there all day! too cute.

Our guide took us to her own parents' home... they made homemade springrolls, dumplings, and yes, snails, for us.

This is our guide's father, who was trying to teach me how to play the erhu.

This is right near where Edward Norton and Naomi Watts filmed The Painted Veil

Basically, it was really freaking awesome and I recommend it to everyone!

I also highly recommend the hotel we stayed in: The Yangshuo Village Inn, and our guide, Jessie Lu. If you want any of their contact information, let me know!



  1. I love your photos! I saw the cormorant fishing thing on a documentary about China; it was really beautiful. I think it's called Wild China or something like that, and your photos are as stunning as the documentary itself! This is high on my list of places to travel!

  2. These pictures are just so so beautiful. What a wonderful part of the world! I love the way you have a picture of the view on the money! :)

    Kate x

  3. wow these pictures are unbelievably.
    what an amazing experience.

  4. Amazing, these pictures make me want to go there now!!! Thanks so much!

  5. Love the photos! I watched the newest Karate Kid lastnight, and thought of you ;)

  6. The movie "the painted veil" was also shot in Guilin, which was a screen adaption of Somerset Maugham's work. It's a beautiful movie, Edward Norton and Naomi Watt were both amazing in it! Highly recommended.

  7. It's breathtakingly gorgeous! Hope you're having a fabulous week xoxo

  8. Hi...I found your link on Extra Petite blog roll and I really really enjoy reading all your post. Love all the pictures that you took in China. I wish one day I can visit Guilin and Yangshuo.