Thursday, October 14, 2010

..but...Anthropologie made me do it!

For over 6 months I have successfully avoided Anthropologie, both in store (obviously) and online. Unfortunately, that has come to an end. After a friend showed me a new skirt she bought from Anthro, I decided to browse and see what Anthro was offering in terms of sweaters - you know... something warm... for winter.

Unfortunately, I didn't find anything that actually had a real, practical purpose... but I did walk away with the Facile Camp Shirt. It was love at first sight. I had to have it. I told myself "No, no, Steph, do not buy this shirt, this shirt will NOT keep you warm during a Beijing winter." I told myself "Steph, NO, you might move to Hawaii, you would have absolutely no use for a shirt like this in Hawaii." (Oh yeah, friends, there is a chance I might move to Hawaii after this! But it's just a possibility... If we move back to San Diego, I will have the chance to wear this beautiful shirt again... though I am not going to lie, we are really hoping for Hawaii!)

Last night, I successfully talked myself out of buying this shirt. This morning, I successfully talked myself out of buying this shirt. But after class, I came home and once again set out to find reviews and saw it on lovely K over at Vurbanity.

And so I bought it. Promptly. Especially because one size sold out overnight and I panicked and...yeah.

So it will be on its way to me shortly! The husband really loved the shirt and told me I should get it. Who am I to argue?!

The other thing I was looking for were a pair of simple, camel-colored flats. I had been eyeing Cole Haan's Astrid Ballet Flats, but kept holding off due to the price - $148. They finally went on sale at Neiman's, and I was able to snag them for just $66 - and free shipping (you know I love that!) They are also one of the Nike Air flats and are supposed to be comfortable - we'll see.

I'm hoping all my recent purchases will fit when they finally arrive! It would really suck to have to send back and wait on returns all the way from China. I especially hope the shoes fit... I am really hurting for flats! Hopefully at least 1 pair (of the 3 I bought online) will fit me.

I'm also anxiously awaiting a bunch of long sleeve shirts and long sleeve thermal shirts I bought from the gap... it's quickly cooling down here and my winter wardrobe is sad!

What are you guys hoping to, ahem - acquire - soon?



  1. Love shirt! and those shoes... they are a great sub for the TB Eddies I've been stalking... what a great alternative, hope some are left in my size!!

  2. Ehayes, if you are interested in them and they don't have your size - I emailed, who has them in pretty much all sizes, and he told me he would price match. Just email them and tell them that Neiman Marcus is selling them for $66, and provide a link. He had no problem doing that for me (but I ended up ordering them from NM before he had written back).

  3. It is a nice shirt! And I hope some of your shoes fit!

    Kate x

  4. I love that shirt! Especially tucked in.

    You'll be able to wear it even in Hawaii! We lived there for three years and you'll be surprised how fast you acclimate and how quickly 68 goes from feeling comfortable to COLD! It also rains a LOT in the winter months. I wore lightweight long sleeved shirts all winter!

  5. SO cute!! Love it, good luck with the cold over there!!!

  6. Love the shirt. Gl with everything fitting so you don't have to deal with sending it back (ugh).

    Call Me Ishmael

  7. Great picks Steph! That shirt is amazing and the shoes are perfect

  8. It's adorable, sweetie! Love it tucked in too. And those shoes are perfect and so practical. I love it when I can get a lot of use out of gorgeous things :)

  9. That shirt is so perfect. I love the army trend interpreted in such feminine ways.

  10. The top is adorable, and the flats are so cute! I hope your new things arrive quickly and FIT!

    How long does it take to have things shipped to china?

    Chic on the Cheap

  11. The shirt is cute. I don't know they accept intl. order. How long it usually takes to get the package? I just noticed they have some really adorable winter coats too.Definitely going to check out my local Anthro store this week.
    And I dont know if you're interested in any Chinese brand? if you are, I would love to share some info with you. Have you heard the brand names JNBY (江南布衣,or just naturally be yourself), one of my favorite brand in China. The style is simple but sophisticated: Chinese version of Vince or Alexander Wang. They just launched on shopbop recently, but you would find the price is much lovely in China.

  12. Mia - thanks so much for letting me know about JNBY! I just looked it up on shopbop and there are some really cute pieces. Where would I find it around Beijing?? I haven't come across it. The price on shopbop is really high... I can't imagine it would be that much cheaper here but I'd love to find out. Please let me know!

    It takes about 2 weeks to get to me here in China, but because my husband works at the embassy we have an address that is a US address that it is sent to and reaches me here... so no international shipping costs.

  13. OK I just did some Chinese google searches and it looks like there are several places around here... I will definitely be checking it out... and crossing my fingers its cheaper than on shopbop!

  14. I'm glad you like its style! The price should be much cheaper (50% off or more) comparing what they have on shopbop, and some of their stores carry on sale items (some do not) and offer 30% or 50%off discounts.
    You can also try shopping online from taobao (the chinese version of ebay or amazon). It has an authorized JNBY online outlet and sometimes you could find really good deals there. Problem is they don't often have the items in stock even tho it shows they have. And I doubt if they ever accept return & exchange. So I wouldn't recommend it to you unless you have been quite familiar with the fitting and fabric etc. and have gained some experience on taobao.

  15. Dang it...I want those Cole Haans!!! You're killing me.