Monday, October 4, 2010

In the mood to shop! FALL Wants!

The weather has been so gorgeous lately, but there is a definite chill in the air that says fall is here! I love the change of the seasons. As fall makes it's way to Beijing, I've become more and more aware how woefully unprepared I am for winter. As a Florida girl who has never really lived in a place with a winter, I'm still not exactly sure what I am doing when it comes to dressing in winter. I visited my parents last year in NYC in December, and the year before that spent a snowy Christmas in Prague... so I think I can manage, because I managed then.... but boy am I in the shopping mood!

Would you believe it if I told you I have like, no flats? I don't know what happened to them all! They must be in storage or maybe I never really had as many as I thought. My Tory Burch Revas are flopping off my foot (will never buy them again, but that's another story), so I ran to my computer and ordered two pairs of cute flats from J. Crew. I had a 20% off code to use, plus free shipping. I bought the Girandole Flats which were on sale, and the Studded Ballet Flats, which weren't.

Girandole Studded Flats

I thought these were cute and different and added a little something to plain old black. Plus they will look cute with jeans, with the studs just barely peeking out.

Studded Ballet Flats

These... I just completely fell in love with them in the light grey color and had to have them! Luckily I had a 20% off coupon to offset full price (thanks to a very sweet girl on a board I frequent!)

Then I started thinking about denim, because I pretty much love wearing jeans... and I haven't bought a nice pair in a couple years! What can I say.... the good stuff lasts! I was annoyed that I had let Bloomies Friends and Family discount pass me by... but in the end, I lucked out because currently has a promotion out for 30% off!

7 For all Mankind is my designer denim of choice - they just fit me the best of the many different kinds I've tried on.

I ended up buying the Skinny Bootcut in Rinsed Indigo

And because the 30% off was such a big help, I bought a second pair, the Straight Leg in Rinse

If you're in the market for some new denim, check out for 30% off!

Another thing I stumbled across today: if you sign up for 7 For All Mankind's email list, they send you a 20% off code to use on your next purchase.

I'm still eyeing a couple things.... a $190 sweater from Piperlime - OUCH! Wish I hadn't overlooked that 25% off code Piperlime had out last week...

and a peacoat from J. Crew. I've wanted a short classic peacoat for years - I think it's time to just buy one! Does anyone have any input on how J. Crew's peacoats fit?

I'm thinking of going with just the regular peacoat in charcoal...

But look at this gorgeous navy coat with gold buttons...

I'm thinking the charcoal for longevity's sake... but I love that navy one! I think that shade of navy can be worn with black, too... what do you girls think? go for the classic (if somewhat boring) charcoal, or go for the navy with the gold buttons? Will the military trend fade in a few years?

***If you go to to use that great 30% off code MeetTobi, please use my link to register! When someone I've invited makes a purchase, they put a reward in my account! My link is:*** They have several Rebecca Minkoff styles and the code works!



  1. Great scores.... love both flats! My JCrew peacoat is going on its 4th year this winter and still is like new. Those suckers LAST! (I'd suggest opting for the thinsulate too if Beijing gets cold enough - it isn't bulky, but I'm glad its there, especially when waiting for public trans - and I know you do)

    I also like both coats... mine is boring black, so I'm drawn to the grey for the versatility, but I think the navy would stay a few seasons too, and you could always swap the buttons if the trends changed, the silhoutte is classic.

  2. Yay Steph! I love, love those flats. I think you will be very happy with both of those. Also, the jeans look amazing. Great find on the 30% off, thanks for passing that info along, also the 20% on 7 is really helpful :)

    No experience with the coats, but they are both gorg. I like the grey the best. I've seen it in the store and it's really, really nice. They have it styled with a black and white plaid scarf and it looks so cozy but chic.

  3. Good stuff- I've been living in my J Crew Kelcey leopard flats lately. While they could be a teensy more comfy (couldn't most? I have the highest aches ever, so flats are always a bit painful for me!), I love them. And I really like the ones you scoped out too; 20% off definitely doesn't hurt!

    As far as jackets go, I like both. Navy + black is a hot combo right now, though, so I'm leaning a liiiittle bit more towards that one. :D

  4. Chloe! I knew you would have liked the navy! It seems more like a Chloe pick. I don't have any J. Crew flats, but my feet are pretty flat so maybe they will be more comfy for me. We'll see!

  5. I say go for the navy coat - it's amazing! And if you get sick of the military thing in a year or two, you could always just sew on new buttons.

    xo Marissa
    (The Well-Appointed Catwalk)

  6. these are great picks.
    i love them all.<3

  7. Peacoat, jeans and flats - those are pretty much staples of my closet this all.

    Glad to hear that weather is beautiful in Beijing. Last year we were in Shanghai right now, and we were soaking in sweat. I'm contemplating visiting beijing next summer - yikes! imagine the humidity!

  8. I tried on the Navy coat the other day in size 2, really loved the style and fit. I am a bit surprised it fits becuase I normally wear J Crew XS/0 or even P0. So it might fit a bit snug than normal J Crew coats.

  9. Like these. So do you order and have someone ship them to you or are you shipping to BEIJING. Fill me in please! Also, what happened with the TB flats?

  10. Kathleen - sometimes I order and have them shipped to my mom, who sends them to me, or I have them sent to our DPO address, which arrives here in Beijing but is like sending it to a US address (my husband is military)

    The TB flats... to me, were just disappointing, comfort and quality-wise, for $195!

  11. I love the navy coat. I know that express has a blue peacoat that I have been eyeing as well. I tried a few on last year but I didn't love any of them. I think navy is the way to go.

  12. I get great knock offs of everything TB in Shenzhen, can't you find the same in Beijing? I got 3 pair for $40 us. My parents send me stuff all the time too, it is awesome, but not as awesome as the care package you just got! Jealous! I wish I had a DPO!!!! You would think since everything is made in china you could find it here, sadly not the case in Hong Kong. That's what moms are for!

  13. Steph, have you had anything made at the fabric markets yet? I had a blue jacket made that looks JUST like that blue military looking one on your post. heave material and you pick out the buttons. I had ALL my jackets made a total of 10 jackets. LOVE them. AND you can take it back if it needs to be altered or anything. i think I paid 400 or 350 kuai for my jackets....what a deal. Good quality too. anyway, I would take that pic to an awesome fabric market and get a deal....what have you got to lose? :)