Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Recent Anthropologie purchases & reviews!

I've lived in Monterey, CA for the last 2.5 years. While its beautiful here, I am definitely ready to leave! I'd say the year around temperature averages around 55 degrees. While its not freezing, its definitely a little bit hard to deal with that cool weather year around - plus I never get to wear the type of clothes I love to wear - summer clothes! I grew up on the tropical, sandy beaches of South Florida so its been an adjustment to live somewhere with no summer and no real usable beach. Let's just say I am looking forward to getting out of here and moving somewhere that has a summer!

Anyway, in preparation for warmer weather I needed to re-vamp my warm weather wardrobe since it is seriously lacking, to say the least. I headed to one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie, to check out their always awesome selection of beautiful, unique tops/tees.

Here are just a few of my favorites:

This is the Swathed Gingham Blouse. This top immediately caught my eye when I saw it in Anthro's catalog. Originally I was going for the black, but it was a lucky shopping day when my husband was with me and he was all about the green. Seeing as how I am trying to brand out from my ever-classic black habit, I tried on the green and just loved it! I think its a perfect spring and summer blouse, and love the kelly green with my blonde hair. When I wear it, I will make sure to tie it a little better so the bow doesn't hang too long.

Next up is the Buds and Bunches Tee. I also bought this in the orange color shown on Anthro's website. I think the orange color is a lot nicer in person. I love this tank because the straps are thick enough to not show a bra. The straps are also braided which is a really pretty detail, and the blossoms are too pretty to pass up! I love how it fits and can see myself wearing this throughout spring & summer!

Next up is the Hourglass Surplice Tee. I love this tee! Its super flattering & so comfortable! The material is so soft, and I love this turquoise color. This is a really easy to wear top that would look good on anyone. Its also very reasonably priced as far as Anthropologie goes!

And last for today is the Foliage Fancy Tee. I absolutely love this tee. Again, the material is really really soft and the shirt is very simple, but the lace detail is a really pretty feature that absolutely makes the shirt. The lace is placed in the perfect spot so as to not reveal any "sensitive areas"... its also very lightweight and thin material (though still feels solid and good quality). I bought it in the grey.

I have some other items I recently bought from Anthro, Banana and J. Crew, but I'll save those for another post.

In the meantime - I recently purchased a pair of glossy black Hunter welly rainboots, but decided to cancel the order at the last minute. I sat there thinking about my purchase, which I was very excited about, but then I pictured myself opening the box with my husband next to me - and me pulling out a pair of rainboots. I could just HEAR him ".... really? Steph? Really? rainboots?" It was enough to convince me to cancel the order!

These are the boots:

But, I'm still thinking about them. I know they can be used in rain as well as in snow when worn with the fleece inserts. Do you guys own Hunter wellys? Do you like them? Should I buy them? Do you get a lot of use out of yours? As a Floridian I've never lived somewhere where it snows - well, except for one brief winter in the D.C. area, but during that time I had a pair of uggs. I was thinking of buying the wellys instead of the uggs - thoughts?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Your Anthro purchases all look great!
    I don't own wellies either (a fellow Floridian, LOL!) But have also been considering them, would love to read the feedback.

  2. Don't own Wellies either, but I love everything you bought! You are making me jealous since I have to buy all maternity icky clothes while you get to be all adorable;) Not fair. Love your blog!!

  3. I love your Anthro purchases!

    I actually own Hunter rainboots and I love them. I live in NYC where we get plenty of rainy days (for example, the past 4 days...). Trust me, the first time you are in a rainstorm and your sneakers get soaked through, you will wish you had those rainboots.

  4. ugh, now I'm adding more to my Anthro Wishlist - all the items look great on you!

    I have navy Hunter Wellies, but I they are children's :) I wear a Women's 7 and fit into the kid's size 4/5 (boy 4, girl 5). I'm only 5'2" they hit the perfect spot since adult ones are right below my knee cap. Annnd I saved almost 50% by going with kids, so it was well worth it. I would have thought twice about spending $115 on rubber rainboots otherwise.

  5. I love your new shirts. Really cute.

    I LOVE my wellies! They have really gotten me through this wet snowy winter here.

  6. Those tops look amazing on you - especially the gingham one! It makes me want to go back and try it on again.

  7. Your blog is fab!! Your upcoming trip to China sounds so wonderful.

    I went on a Hunter Boot hunt and sadly came up empty handed, I've got myself convinced that I'll wear them all the time!! Fingers crossed I'll find a pair soon.

  8. Definitely purchase the wellies. Hunter is the best brand and they are so comfortable compared to all other rain boots I have owned. The fleece inserts are a must if you are going to be anywhere with cold weather as rubber is not insulating. They are constantly selling out at zappos (I am a buyer there).

    You will be SO glad you have them when you are traveling and it is raining!!! They are quite heavy though, as a warning (not on the foot, but for packing).