Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Go Green: One of My Favorite Items to Help You Go Green

Lately, I think everyone is starting to realize more and more how important it is to do our part in going green and helping the environment. One of the easiest, most convenient ways to do this is to use reusable grocery bags! Its one of the easiest habits to change, one of the cheapest, and it makes such a difference for our environment.

I've been using Envirosax reusable grocery bags for a couple years now. They come in all different styles, and are built to last. They are super durable - I haven't had any problems with them breaking, despite the heavy groceries I put in them week after week.

I have three sets of my own and highly recommend them! I've received numerous compliments on them because not only are they environmentally friendly, they are pretty, too.

Not only do I use them for groceries, but also anything else you need a bag for - throw your lunch in there! Throw your gym clothes in there! Anything you'd use a plastic bag for, you can use these pretty bags for.

I just ordered several to give to friends as gifts from the website Bright & Bold. They shipped super fast and the transaction went really smoothly.

Right now they are having a special - buy any of 6 selected styles and only pay $28, including free shipping.

Check it out! Each set includes 5 bags and a carrying pouch. These bags are waterproof, lightweight, and they can hold the contents of two plastic grocery bags and up to 40lbs.

BTW, everything I share on this blog are my opinions after using or trying a product - I am not being paid or compensated in any way for posting these things!



  1. I love reusable bags. Luckily Whole Foods was giving out small ones for spending $50 or more, so I have a whole stack of them! I also have a free one from Sephora and one for about $5 from Trader Joe's.

  2. I use reusable bag for the groceries, gym, and lunch too. Love it. I live in a high rise and it makes carrying groceries from the parking garage so much more manageable. Thanks for spreading the word!

  3. cute bags! we have a pile in our pantry but these are much more fun.

  4. Lovely blog :)
    My mum has a load of these! But they are much better in these colours :D

  5. I love reusable bags, it's so much easier to fit more items into one of those as opposed to a plastic bag.

    Yours are so pretty!

  6. Yay for going green! Those bags are cute! ALl mine just boring lol, well besides my I'm not a plastic bag, bag.

  7. Hi Steph, I am loving your blog! Thanks for following mine :)
    - Lauren {bellebride116}

  8. These are so cute! I'll definitely have to order these asap. =)

  9. LOL ... Steph, you always steal my posts! I was going to do one about this next week! I love you! Those bags are super cute too.

  10. his name is jaguar...he works at labare...and that's all i can remember. but i was told it was fun. :)

    love your blog header and thanks for following as well!

  11. Michelle - lol! Sorry, thats because I have no life now that Chinese is out but you actually still have one! hahaha. I saw Dan yesterday at the graduation rehearsal and I told him me and you are likethis now. LOL!

    Cheryl - lol! I was definitely thinking along the right lines.

  12. Hi there! Thanks for following me! I love your blog and wow! you've really gotten to go to some amazing places :)

    I've been using reusable bags for about a year now and I can't believe I ever did it any other way :)

    I'm following you now!

  13. Oh, those are so stylish. Really, sometimes eco stuff isn't necessarily good-looking, these are great!

  14. those bags are too cute. my current reusable bags are not nearly that nice.

    I love Hypnose and i dont find that it smudges or flakes. i try hard to not touch my eyes at all. It's a little on the pricey side tho!

  15. Thanks for the info, Emily. Its the weirdest thing but even if I don't touch my eyes at all, my mascara still tends to end up underneath them. Especially DiorShow, it was ridiculous! I wish I had taken pictures.. lol. Anyway one of my friends recommend the Hypnose, I may give it a try. Right now I am happy with what I'm using, no smudging issues, but I always like trying different things.

  16. Very smart and cool idea. I love the second print!:D

    Thanks for dropping by my blog, just followed you too!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  17. my sister gave me a plain green reusable bag. i used it all the time for school.

    i love the prints on these:D

    will now be following your blog. follow mine too?

  18. Hey there,
    Saw your comment about Picasa. Yeah, I love their collage maker, but it doesn't really let you regulate the sizes. I use Adobe Illustrator, which is insanely expensive, I use it for work, but I'm thinking that any photo editing program would do the trick, you'd just have to resize every thumbnail photo to the same size, then paste them down in a new document and rearrange them there? That seems like it would work, also I wonder if Flickr or Photobucket have collage makers that you can manipulate better than Picasa... Let me know how it goes and what you find!

  19. Awesome,
    and i love your blog!
    Following you,
    Panda x

  20. hey dawl !! I LOVEEE Being GREEN :) lol your comment was sooo funny I thought you were talking about my boobies LMAO I was like ...well yes my boobs are very nice indeed LMAO. soo funny. thanks for the comments. love your blog lots of traveling ! I will totally be following :)

    keep in touch!

  21. Those are cute, but my fiance got me hooked on Chico bags. A friend of his brothers was actually involved in their creation, and my future MIL sells them at our local co-op, so I now have like 3. They aren't quite as stylish, but they condense so well!