Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why China? More about me!

A few of my readers wanted me to answer a few more questions they had been wondering about why it actually is I am learning Chinese, and why I am going to China. Let me answer these questions to give you guys a little bit of a better idea about what it is we are doing over there! I've also discussed with my husband answering these questions, and he agrees that these are all questions I can publicly respond to.

1. WHY are you moving to china? Is your husband Chinese?

My husband's job is taking us to China. He is a Marine Foreign Area Officer, which basically will makes him one of our military's China experts. They sent him to graduate school to study Southeast Asian Affairs, then to an intensive language school, and finally to spend a year of in-country training in China. So, no, he's not Chinese!

2. What does your husband do - will he be quitting or is he working over there?

My husband will still be employed while he is there, however, while he is actually in China, his only job is to continue studying Chinese at a language institute in Beijing, as well as travel throughout the country to better understand the history and the culture of the Chinese. Although we will have to pay for my tuition, I will also be officially studying Chinese at the same language institute while we are there.

3. How were you able to be in class everyday all day for the last 15 months? Did you quit your job? What was your motivation for learning the language and going to China?

I was previously employed by the Navy as a Victim Advocate - it was a part time job while I finished my masters degree in Criminology. I finished my masters degree at the same time the Chinese course was starting. We decided that because having the ability to speak and understand Chinese is such an asset, it would be more than worth it for me to quit my job and dedicate 100 percent of my time to learning Chinese. Due to the type of field I want to work in, this type of ability will definitely be an asset to my future.

4. Why china? What made you decide this? Why not Spanish and go to Spain?

When my husband was considering the list of possible languages to learn and places to go, China was his first choice. He has always been really interested in Chinese history and Chinese culture. China is also one of the most influential countries in the world right now - all of this inspired him to learn Chinese. We both decided China would be a great choice just because of the benefits towards our careers, as well as just because... well... we love a challenge! The Chinese program is 63 weeks long - the Spanish program is 24 weeks long - and you graduate at the same proficiency level. That just goes to show how much more difficult learning Chinese is! and as I said... we love a challenge.


I think this answers all your questions! If you guys want to know anything else, just ask!


  1. I love your ambition and tenacity!
    Can't wait to read more and see the pics from this gorgeous country. There is so much history there (obviously), can't wait to see what you discover :)

  2. It is very ambitious! Good luck to you!

  3. Thanks! I had been wondering for a while and I don't know why I never asked. What a great experience it will be for you both! I can't wait to hear more about it.

  4. Good luck to you for sure. That is so ambitious and exciting!

  5. I visited Beijing last summer and had the BEST time. I cannot wait to go back! I look forward to reading your adventures!

  6. I love your attitude and will definitely be following your blog! I just moved from the US to the Isle of Man and I would imagine that your move will be much more challenging! One question for you: are you guys taking much stuff with you? We ended up selling/giving/donating most of our stuff and came with very little. It is quite liberating, and when the small shipment of stuff we sent DID arrive, it was an overwhelming feeling of "why did we ship this stuff again?"

    Anyways, good luck, and I look forward to reading your updates.

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  8. Wow. What an adventure! You are already one step ahead of me and I am Chinese. I don't speak a lick, but I can understand conversation. Isn't that so weird? I've never been to Asia before either but I'd love to visit. Can't wait to see what the next few months will bring!



  9. Wow...I just read through months of your back posts. You and your husbands ambition is beyond inspirational to me! Not to mention you have great style and taste in beauty products. You guys will have a blast in china...just hope you two like Chinese food! And if not I guess there are mickey d's and kfcs : )