Thursday, April 1, 2010

WANTS! My Top 10 Wants for Spring & Summer

These are my top 10 wants (not necessarily gets!) for Spring & Summer.

1. By Cousin Claudine, Wood Crystal Bracelets, $145. Available at Intermix Online.

I love these wood & crystal bracelets! They are so gorgeous and entirely capture the perfect spring & summer look. At $145, these are a little steep for me for fashion jewelry, so I'll be scouring Etsy and other sites for cheaper alternatives. Let me know if you come across anything similar!

2. By J. Crew, denim shorts, $72. Available here.

I think shorts are perfect for summer (when not wearing dresses!) and I am loving all the denim styles that have been seen so far this spring. I can take these off my wish list, though, as I just turned it into reality when I scored on HauteLook this morning and purchased this super cute pair of Joe's shorts.

3. By J. Crew, Vintage Zebra-stripe Skirt, $68. Available here.

What is there to say about this adorable skirt from J. Crew? I love it. Its apparently been very popular and is sold out in all sizes except 2 and 10. Hopefully they will get more in! I'm not quite ready to pull the trigger on this one, because of all the money I've been spending stocking up for the move. Though, I do have a J. Crew reward card to that needs to be spent soon! Maybe this pretty little skirt will be mine, after all.

4. By Banana Republic, Lyra Castaway Necklace, $69.50. Available here.

I don't think I need to explain why this necklace is so fabulous. I love multi-layered necklaces and this one is just what I've been looking for.

5. By Anthropologie, Chantico Tank, $88. Available here.

Man, do I love this tank. Its gorgeous. It reminds me of something a Grecian Goddess would wear! I absolutely love the draping on this top. It also comes in white & baby pink. Its on backorder right now until April 6, hopefully I can snag this tank before I leave for China. Probably while I am visiting my mom in CT - she has several Anthros to choose from right by her house!

6. By J. Crew, Reese zip-back Gladiator Sandals, $118. Available here.

I absolutely love these strappy gold gladiator sandals. I love that they give the gladiator look but are still dainty and feminine. The zip-back is also a detail I love not only for how cute it looks, but also for the convenience of putting on the sandal! I may have already fulfilled this wish, though, in another strappy gold sandal I will blog about later this week.

7. By Dolce Vita, Hayden Criss-Cross Wedge Sandal, $174. Available at Shopbop.

These wedges rock. The leather looks so smooth and buttery, the criss-crossing is perfect, the straps are not too chunky not too thin. For me this shoe comes close to perfection for a spring and summer wedge.

8. By Ella Moss, Jackie Strapless Dress, $153. Also comes in Navy. Available at Ella Moss Online.

Ok so I love dresses. And I love stripes. Sometimes I get scared of horizontal stripes, even though I love them - and that is why this dress rocks. I still get the stripes I love but because the stripes go in different directions and aren't straight up horizontal, I don't have to worry about the stripes making me look wide or big or just unflattering to my figure. And I love how they styled this - simple, long gold necklace and strappy gold sandals. A++! BTW, right now if you go to Ella Moss online, you can receive $20 by inviting your friends.

9. By Kris Nations, Deco Leaf Earrings, $55. Available at Kris Nations.

I've been wanting these earrings since last year. I love the earthy vibe they give off and the earrings are perfect for about 75% of my summer looks! I think its time to make them mine. 'Nuff said.

And finally -

10. By Velvet, Elle Short Sleeve Dress, $152. Available at Velvet Online.

I own several dresses by Velvet and these things are made to last. They are made from beautiful, high quality materials. They tend to drape beautifully. And they are basic, but at the same time, anything but. I love the pockets and zipper detail on this dress. At Velvet Online right now, first-time buyers receive 15% off for signing up.

Velvet also has an adorable romper if you are looking for one!

I'm always looking for basic cotton dresses for summer, under $100. If you've seen any you love, be sure to share! I'm always on the look out for similar but better priced items, too. Like, these dresses I love... I'll probably wait for a good coupon code or snag them on sale! I bought a gorgeous Velvet dress on sale 50% off last year at Anthro.

What is on your spring & summer wish list?



  1. Ohhh #4! #5! #8! Those are my favorites!

  2. I really want that necklace! I might get that soon, we'll see!

  3. The wood and crystal bracelets are so pretty, I hope you can find some more affordable versions!

    I too love the layered chain necklaces, they are so pretty!!!

    Chic on the Cheap

  4. LOVE the Joe shorts!!! SOO cute! Old Navy has some seriously basic cotton/jersey dresses. REally cute, but simple. Also, did you ever get those Hunter Welly's? I am looking for a simple pair of black boots and I live in CO, so...snow and mudd season are prevalent here! :) let me know....would love to hear a review!

    Hope you are well.....are you getting nervous to leave?

  5. Hey Kel! I did buy the Hunters, and I like them! If you are a half size I recommend going to the next size down (I'm usually 8.5, so I bought an 8 since they don't come in half sizes). I can't say too much about them yet because I haven't worn them yet! But I wore them around the house when they first arrived and a couple things surprised me - they are heavy, but very sturdy - they reek like rubber... which I am hoping will fade as they air out (I'm sure it will) - and the best thing is that they are padded on the inside! I was so surprised at that. The inside is really nice and comfortable, there is arch support, its nice & cushiony - I was really impressed! I am sure I will wear them at some point before all your snow comes, I'll do a review once I can really say. I think they are going to be perfect though! I know a lot of people use them for snow.

    I'm really excited! I just want the house to be packed up and everything so I can stop stressing about what to take and what to leave behind. The packers/movers come next week! Ask me if I'm nervous on May 9th or so. LOL.

    Steph :)

  6. Oh the collages ended up looking fabulous! Good for you, great post!!!

  7. Great picks! I just love Spring dressing. Like Fall, it's that happy medium between the weather being too hot or too cold, so we have many options when it comes to clothes!

  8. Jcrew can do no wrong in my eyes! Those sandles are fabulous!! Great, more things I have to add now to my summer must-have list.

  9. Thanks Shari! LOL. I'm convinced I need a program now, I know Mac makes Aperture.. but its more than I want to spend on software. I'll continue my silly way for now - I ended up using Picasa, and then taking a screen shot of the pieces I wanted. Ha!


  10. I love the zebra mini. I need it! Of course it's sold out. If you see in back in stock or a look a like. Let me know

  11. Gina, thanks for stopping by. Bummer! I was also too slow. ahh. Oh well, I will keep stalking the website, if I find it I'll make a post about it, so keep checking in!


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