Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Benefit's "Legally Bronze" Review, New Mac Eyeshadows, & some fun J. Crew purchases!

A couple weeks ago I told you guys about how I purchased Benefit's Legally Bronze kit.

Its all sold out at Sephora now, but there are some new ones on Ebay if you are interested. Its a really great deal & I am happy I bought it, because I seriously love the Hoola Bronzer & Highbeam! The Gilded highlighter is also very pretty, the only thing I am not crazy about is the Bad Gal Lash Mascara. I think the Mascara is really sticky-feeling! I've never felt such sticky mascara - not a huge fan, not the worst mascara I've ever used, but I won't be purchasing that again.

Hoola Bronzer and Highbeam, on the other hand... I can see these becoming holy grail.

The Hoola bronzer is matte, it doesn't have any shimmer or sparkle to it, and it provides a truly natural looking bronzed look to your face. I love it! The color is perfect, not orange or muddy or dirty looking. For a comparison, I have NARS Laguna Bronzer, and I highly prefer Hoola.

As for the Highbeam - its the first time I've ever used a liquidy-sort of highlight on my face, but its surprisingly easy to apply. I just dot it where I want it and then make sure to blend it well. I feel like this stuff provides a really pretty glow that looks like it comes from within, and not just from some product sitting on top of your face. I guess they call it "supermodel in a bottle" for a reason! I read a review that said it may be too icy looking for those with yellow undertones - I have yellow undertones and it works really well on me. Like I said - its extremely pretty, and Benefit knew what they were doing when they put these products together because they work beautifully together, very natural.

Next up, some MAC Eyeshadows. I know a couple people posted their top 15 eyeshadows, so I totally took notes then FORGOT them when I went to purchase! I still really like the shadows I bought.. I think you'll notice a trend... I love browns, bronzes, and other natural shades.

The knight divine is a little outside of my box, because darker colors scare me, as in I tend to be afraid that I won't be able to work with them.. BUT... I'm really glad I bought the knight divine - its a really nice color and easy to use, blending is key of course. I like to use it with naked lunch all over from lid to brown bone, patina and/or woodwinked on the lid, and knight divine mainly on the outer corner and into the crease - and naked lunch again used on the inner corner to brighten. Wish I had a pic for you guys but I cannot get these pics to come out for the life of me! I think the hubby is going to have to help if I ever want to do it.

I've also been using naked lunch, woodwinked, amber lights and antiqued together. Amber lights is a really pretty, peachy sort of bronzey color.

I have yet to use the Indianwood paintpot but I will say it has SERIOUS staying power!! Its a very rich color and will be great base, also will help the shadow to stay longer. All I know is I put the swatch on my arm, used soap and water and it still didn't totally come off.

I know you can barely see the Vex on that swatch... but its a nice color to use with knight divine - thats the only way I've used it so far.

And finally - I took advantage of J. Crew's 20% off by purchasing two more dresses... they very appropriately said in the e-mail its their "perfect excuse to buy both colors" sale... so I did. I bought two different dresses that I already own in 2 different colors! You know what? The price was right and dresses are a must for walking around the city in the heat.

I bought this dress from my OOTD the other day, this time in a dark pewter color (the one in the picture is lighter than it looks in that picture):

And I already own this dress in navy, but bought it in this heather grey color:

That's about it! It rained and made the air quality improve a LOT so we are going out today to explore!

If you own any of these MAC Shadows - what other colors do you typically pair them with? Whats your favorite way to wear them? Any tips for using my first paintpot?

When you find something you love, do you buy it in more than one color, especially if the price is right? I try not to because I feel like its so boring, but these are really perfect for here!

Talk soon!!



  1. I normally fall for bronze and brown eyecolors... I love the Mac palette you bought. I will definitely check it out and buy it.

    The dress is gorgeous. I am guilty of buying an item I love in different colors, sometimes all the available colors.

    Have a great week ahead! xoxo

  2. I wear Knight Divine with Electra and Carbon.:D


    Amber Lights with Star Violet and Charcoal Brown.:D

    Hope that helps.

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  3. Are you on makeupalley.com? Because all the girls there call their favorite products their "HG's" (holy grail products) :)

  4. i don't really use mac eyeshadows because i am just starting out with makeup. ;) but i have tried the hoola bronzer. it works well. :)


  5. Bella - I do scour makeupalley for reviews, so between there and blogging, I must have picked up that term... ha ha!

    Thanks for the color recs, Marie!

  6. I have had Benefit's Moon Beam for a while and recently started using it more frequently. I have yellow undertones in my skin and that works perfect. I love the way it looks too.

    I'll have to try the Hoola. Love the dress too---way cute!

  7. Oh I totally always buy things I love in more than one color. If I love the cut & the fabric and it works than I'll buy the whole range! :)

    Love Highbean & Hoola. I do wear MAC shadows...Brule is always a staple because it's a neutral base but I prefer Stila shadows to MAC. Oasis & Dolce area my favorite. Looks like you made some great choices though. They're my favorite type of shades too :)

  8. For paint pots, I apply with my finger and make sure to put a sheer wash and build on if necessary. It is easy to overdo it if I use a brush.

    I have lots and lots of MAC shadow favorites. One of my all time favorites and I think it goes with anything is Dazzlelight. It is a perfect all over the lid color and I pair it with just about any dark color in the crease. I also love Satin Taupe on it's own all over the lid, or with Knight Divine in the crease. Right now they are selling Prepped for Glamour, which is another one of my favorites.
    Also love Scene and I use Contrast, or any dark purple color to deepen the crease.

    Enjoy the "fresher" air. A good friend of a friend lived in Hong Kong for a few years and she said that the poor air quality caused her skin to age visibly fast. She had to visit a dermatologist there to get some prescription creams to slow down process. So keep hydrated and keep that in mind if you start noticing that your skin is changing.

    Have fun!

  9. Love your purchases! Indianwood has been on my list for a while, may have to get it now! I've had Amber Lights and Woodwinked for year, love them both!

    I still need to do my 15 MAC shadows post for you, I haven't forgotten!
    And also, thanks for the review of Hoola, that will be my next purchase:)

  10. Alternative wife - I never branch out with eyeshadows because I've been really happy with MAC, but I am going to keep an eye out for Stila now! thanks for the rec!

    A - wow thank you so much for all the info!! very helpful! and yikes I hope I don't age because of the air... at least its only a year in that respect! Today I woke up to a beautiful sunny day with clear skies and hardly any smog - air quality is "good" today (according to embassy!)

    Andi - thanks girl! No worries!! I live near a Mac so I can run out any time for new shadows :) I do really love hoola! I think it gives a great natural tan.

    Mere - I saw moonbeam just the other day and really want to try it now!

  11. I absolutely adore that grey dress !