Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saying goodbye (or, as I prefer, see you in a year!) to my best friend (one of them)

If we are facebook friends, you've already seen this picture.

Me and my chihuahua Max saying goodbye at 6:00 this morning as I prepared to leave for the airport. I needed one last picture of us, for the year anyway! As soon as I can I will be back to pick him up!

I know some people would say he is "just" a dog. But, he is seriously one of my best friends! He is always happy to see me, and he kept me company when my husband was in Iraq for a year. I've had him for 8 years! Its hard to say "goodbye." When I'm sad, he senses it and comes right over to me to cuddle, if I cry, he tries to lick my tears away. When he is tired, you could hang him upside down by one toe and he would let you... LOL! I love him.

In this picture I was telling him that I will think of him everyday until I return to pick him up.

I know he is in the best hands he could be. He is staying with my mom and dad who will spoil him rotten. He sleeps in the bed with them and my mom makes him chicken and sweet potatoes for dinner. My dad is under strict orders to share his nightly apple with Max - which is something my husband always did, and Maxie loves apples! (Don't worry. Little bites.)

By the way something pretty funny happened today while I was at Dulles Airport. I was making my way to the baggage claim area, and at Dulles, you need to get on a little train/subway type thing to take you to the baggage area. I was waiting in a crowd to get on this train thing... and the lady in front of me was yapping away, turning around and talking to people, even though the train had already arrived. I kept thinking that she better stop talking and get on the train so we don't miss it. I didn't want to be rude and push past her. So, as I finally step onto the train all the sudden WHAM!!!! And I went flying. Flying right into the yappy lady. The doors shut on me! LOL. I couldn't believe it! There was no warning at all that the doors would be closing. As I went flying I let out a "JESUS CHRIST!" which I felt terrible about, but, later decided it is probably less offensive than some other things that could have come out of my mouth at that moment... I was shocked, I said, "Did the door just close on me?" LOL.

...Anyway I am in the D.C. area safe and sound, blogging at a Borders and deciding what book to buy for the plane ride on Sunday.

Just thought the Maxie pic was too cute not to share!



BTW I am not going to use "COMPOSE" anymore because the font after pictures gets screwed up and I can never figure out how to fix it! Do you guys use compose or edit html?


  1. Poor baby. He will be ok though. I would miss Georgia like crazy!

    Safe travels!

  2. OMG I'm sooo sad about your doggie! Like, you're not going to see him for a year, that's certainly painful and I understand your sadness.

    Yikes on the train doors! SHEESH!!!


    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

    PS - WOW, your husband was in Iraq for a year? Wow. Wow. Wow.

  3. Laughed so hard at what you wrote about the train door closing on you!

    Hope you have a safe trip, and get your best friend back with you as soon as possible !

  4. OMG, so funny right?! Those doors have serious closing power! wow! It really sent me flying. I had to call my mom right away so we could laugh about it!

  5. This breaks my heart. I too would miss my dog so badly! I'm glad that his "grandma and grandpa" will spoil him though!

    P.S. I try to keep my use in "compose" mode to a minimum because it always does screwy stuff!

  6. Awwwww you and your little baby! That makes me sad....poor little guy. I would cry for days staright if I had to leave my puppy. Can't wait to see his reaction when you guys get back! lol... Stupid train dare they just up and close with no warning...ridiculous... :)

  7. awhhh! I have 2 dogs and they are just like my little babies, I couldnt imagine leaving them, but like you, if I did, I would leave them with my parents. must be tough, but he'll be in goood hands!
    haha, that door!
    I always edit html..

  8. Kate - thanks for the tip! I am going to take that piece of advice!

    Kristina - lol! I know, train doors are supposed to shut but it wasn't even there a long time! It was open for like 15 full seconds before it shut on me... hahaha! I'm goofy. Its definitely something that would happen to me.

  9. Wishing you SAFE TRAVELS!

    I would be so sad to leave my dog so I totally understand. At least your parents will be taken good care of him!

  10. Dulles!!! I flew out of Dulles. I'm from Northern VA! Ah, yes the train. That is a HUGE airport right? dang. Anyway, the count down begins!!!


  11. Awh he's adorable! And I totally understand how he can be your best friend. That's total unconditional love and nothing can beat that.

    Hope you're ok after that door incident. And yes you could have said much worse! :)

    Safe travels if we don't hear from u before! xoxo

  12. awww Steph, the picture of you and your doggie made me tear up :( how sad....I have an attachment to my dog as well, it does sound funny but they are like little best friends. Glad to hear he will be in good hands!

    Wishing you safe travels!!!

  13. I can totally relate to being very attached to your dog (as if you couldn't tell by the fact that Roxy is in ALL of my pictures!). He will be safe with your parents, but if they're anything like mine you might come back and find him fattened up and lazy, lol.

    I am so excited for you that you will be in China SO soon! Safe travels and can't wait to hear about your adventures!!

  14. Kel - I lived in N. VA for about.. 7 months in '05. I really like the area!! We were hoping we could live in this area when we return from China, but it looks like it will either be Hawaii or San Diego again.

    Kelsey - that is so funny! He definitely is going to eat better!! hah! But my mom loves taking him on walks so at least he will get some exercise. I can hardly believe I will be in China so soon! WOW! I hope the flight goes smoothly!

  15. And to everyone - thank you for the well wishes!

  16. awww so cute!! Ill have to leave my Beagle here in Germany when I go back to the states in July. I will pick him up later as well.
    Safe travels and btw...thats my sisters baby hehe

  17. I feel for you... every time I travel and leave my sweet pup behind, I feel so sad so I make-up by buying her pretty doggie clothes. Hahaha!

    PS... My husband is a Filipino. We met after he graduated from the academy. We are really based in the Philippines. :-)

  18. Military wives are indeed a special breed... I know for a fact that we're more independent that the rest of the ladies out there. Hahaha!

    I don't think my husband will be based elsewhere except in the Philippines. We live in Manila. But he does have his schoolings abroad. Hope you can swing by Manila when you're in China. My husband will surely want to meet your hubby. And I would very much want to meet and bond with you. :-)

  19. PS again... I'm currently in California now for some wedding shoots. Just arrived here last Monday. That's why my pics have a different location now, not my usual home patio/porch shots.

    See, we are really independent. :-)

  20. Leah - that would be seriously amazing! The countries are so close, I hope we get the chance to explore Manila and meet you guys in the process! We will definitely look into it more once we get to China and start to figure things out. :)

  21. We are! Its true. You have to be! How fun to be in California, I hope you enjoy your time there.

  22. You have to leave him for a year! That is so sad! It's so hard to be without our pets, they just love us so much!

    Have a safe flight!

    And I use a combination of both compose and edit html

    Chic on the Cheap

  23. ohh i am so sorry that you have to say goodbye.
    id be such a mess if i had to too.
    dogs are definitely part of the family, and it more than ok to feel like that. but i guess everything happens for a reason, i hope you have a safe flight! <3

  24. Aw, what an adorable picture. I feel so sad for you, having to spend a year apart!

  25. Awww I feel so bad because you have to leave Max:( I've had my dog for almost that long and I would miss her terribly too. Best of luck with your travels and big move!

  26. That picture is so precious. Will you be home to visit at all or are you not coming back at all for a year?

  27. Awww, you are so brave! I'm sure Max will be happy, but I know you'll miss him so much! Thank your husband for serving us, please. We are so grateful to have people like you guys willing to sacrifice for our freedoms. Oh, and HTML all the way! If I don't talk to you again, have a safe trip! Can't wait to hear all about your Chinese adventures!

  28. Have a safe trip!! Your poor little doggie looks so confused and sad!!

  29. OMG I would be in tears if I had to say goodbye to my dogs for that long! Heck, I'm in tears when I have to say goodbye to them for a two week vacation! Have a safe trip!

  30. I wish you the safest of travels hun!! I'm so excited to read your posts from CHina!

    I only use Compose except to change picture sizes. Until recently I was using the old editor too. I can't be bothered to figure out HTML all the time. lol

  31. Such a SUPER AWESOME post :)
    Oh + thanks for your sweet comment! I love reading them :o
    Panda xx

  32. Awww of course you will miss him're being really strong in letting him go. And oh I laughed really hard at the subway door thing! :D