Friday, May 7, 2010

New OPI & Benefit's Legally Bronze

I went to the nail salon to get a manicure again today! I was hoping to have time for a massage at the spa while I was here visiting my mom, but there is never enough time when I visit to get in everything we want to do. And, well, it was time to change my Jade is the New Black. Unfortunately, I am not talented/coordinated like all you ladies, and I cannot for the life of me paint my nails by myself. Am I the only one? I am left handed so the nails on my left hand always come out seriously awful! so off to the salon I went.

I was in a lilac sort of mood and I was hoping to try Essie's Lilacism after seeing it at J. Crew, but the salon didn't have it. Instead I chose a polish from OPI's Shrek Collection, and the name makes me cringe... I love OPI's polish names, you know? Like, I'm Not Really a Waitress, Not So Bora-Boraing Pink, Pistol Packin' Pink, Aphrodite's Nightie... creative. So imagine my disappointment when I saw that the name of the pretty lilac color I was looking at was Rumple's Wiggin. LOL! I'm not really too familar with Shrek... is Rumple a character? And more importantly, what's a Wiggin?!

I've since read on a few blogs that this polish, Rumple's Wiggin, is nearly identical to Essie's Lilacism. A blog I read said she cannot tell the difference in color even when they are on her hand, except OPI's formula is better and not streaky like Essie's version.

I love it! It makes me happy.

Next up - I've never tried any of Benefit's products, but the packaging is so adorable, I've always wanted to try them for that reason alone! I'm a sucker for package design!

I saw Benefit's Legally Bronze kit at Sephora, and luckily I snagged it before it was completely sold out everywhere. Its a kit with full size bottles of Benefit's Hoola Bronzer, High Beam, Bad Gal Lash Mascara, and Gilded highlighter pencil, and it was sold for just $35. The Hoola Bronzer is $28 BY ITSELF so this was an amazing deal I couldn't pass up! Its a $104 value for just $35, and, I've been wanting to try High Beam for a really long time!

This kit is supposed to be everything you need for that perfect bronzed look. I'm really excited to try it out! Hopefully I can do some daily makeup posts, the only reason I haven't yet is because I seriously can't take the pictures by myself. They come out all out of focus and you can't see anything! Anyway, I'm going to need the hubby's help for that. I can hear the groaning now! LOL.

I leave NY tomorrow to meet my hubby in D.C.! I can't wait to see him. Its only been two weeks, and as a military wife I know 2 weeks is a drop in the bucket... but I still miss him!

Gossip girl

Just kidding. I couldn't resist.



  1. That polish is pretty!
    Great deal on the benefit kit, can't wait to see your looks :)

  2. i am just about to paint my nails in a color similar to that. :D

  3. Hi Steph! So you're a military wife too? So the move to China is connected to your hubby's work? I'm also a military wife. My hubby graduated from West Point.

    Anyway back to the nail polish, I am in your league. I can't apply my nail polish. That's why I don't collect nail polishes... it would just be disappointing to look at them yet I can't do anything about them.

    The Rumple color is so pretty... I'm loving pastels this season. xoxo

  4. Leah - I am! My husband is a Marine and we are moving to China in relation to his work, but its really just to study Chinese. We just spent 1.5 years at language school and now its just further language training.

    I didn't know you are a military wife, too! Are you from the Phillipines or did you move there with your hubby?


  5. I'm also a southpaw, but I can't even do my right nails correctly. So it is totally hopeless for me. Which is why I usually have toes but not hands done...

    I love Benefit products! My favorite is Dandelion.

  6. Seeing your post reminded me I wanted to buy that kit but it is not on the Sephora website anymore, boo!

  7. Very pretty lilac polish! And wow, that benefit package is a seriously good deal...too bad I didn't see it earlier! Can't wait to see how the kit looks on you.

  8. Love the color! And I have really been wanting to try the high beam also!

  9. what a great deal on benefit! Hoola used to be my HG bronzer and I still really like it :)

  10. I totally SUCK at painting my nails! I love that color too... it makes me want to stop biting mine so that they won't look like little nubs. :-)

  11. Ok, totally LOVE the hair color!! I would love to do that to my head, but I think that it would grow out SOOO fast that I would need a touch up in NO time. Thanks for reading my feature on PixelPerfect...I just LOVE stuff like that!

    Hope you are feeling prepared for your trip. It will be awesome!!

  12. Have a safe trip!!! I love that nail color btw

    Youre so lucky youve found that deal!!! I love high beam :)

  13. The OPI polish is a really pretty color but I have to agree that the name is ugly.
    I'm really into pastel colors for the spring time too.

    The Benefit's Legally Bronze kit is a great deal! If it weren't for the fact I have a bronzer and high beam already I would have bought the kit myself.
    Can't wait to see the photos.

    Hope you have a save and wonderful trip to see your husband!

    <3 Serena.

  14. Sometimes they come up with the more outrageous nonsense names! It looks pretty similar to Lilacism. Goregeous color!

    (The Pretty Pauper)
    Follow my blog if you'd like...

  15. your polish looks real pretty and is a perfect summery shade!

    pssst. dont forget to enter the PINK LADY GIVEAWAY at

    have a lovely weekend!


  16. Love the nails, Steph!:D I am loving my Legally Bronze products too.:D

    The XOXO, Gossip Girl, made me laugh!:D

    Happy Friday!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  17. I love this colour - perfect for summer

  18. That nail polish is so pretty! Love it!

    Visit my blog too if you want :)

  19. I love that color - and I'm actually a huge Shrek fan *geek*. Rumple is a new character in the 3rd movie I believe he's Rumplestilskin sp? and my guess the wiggin means he's wigging out :)

    I always get disappointed when I find an awesome OPI name and I hate the color, so thankfully this went the other way around for you :)

  20. That's such a pretty nail color :) Haha, I'm left handed too, and I have the same problem - my left hand nails always come out worse than my right hand's. lol

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  22. I have been DYING to get the new Essie Spring colors (even had a dream about them), but I do like the consistency of OPI much more. So maybe I will give the Shrek line a whirl :) But I'm with you...Shrek? So random! Alice in Wonderland I get, but Shrek?!?

  23. Hello Steph,

    I was searching for a nail salon that uses OPI in Beijing when I found your blog! I'm going to Beijing for a 2-week research trip. Since I'm too lazy to paint my own nails while traveling, I was wondering if I could have the address of your nail salon? Thanks a million!