Thursday, May 6, 2010

Promises, Promises!

That's the name of the Broadway show we just saw today! We took the train into The City (haha! Hey, thats the lingo around here.) The show was great! So much fun. We had awesome seats, 5 rows from the stage.

The male lead is Sean Hayes, or as you guys may know him, Will from Will & Grace. The female lead is Kristin Chenoweth - I also saw her in Wicked, and of course, Glee! She plays the alcoholic blonde chick on Glee. She's too cute! I love her! And Sean Hayes was amazingly funny in this role. Anyway, the show was great, really funny, and I recommend it if you are looking for a Broadway show to see. I love seeing shows when I come to NY! I wish I could share pictures with you guys but we forgot to bring our camera. Bummer!

A couple days ago I was browsing J. Crew and saw a necklace that was on sale for $30. I liked it a lot but debated buying it or not. It was the last one, but I put it down and left. Yesterday I went to a different J. Crew and saw the same necklace, again the last one, so I figured it was meant to be, and now its mine! I love the multi-layered look and I have some dresses this will be perfect with.

Yeah, I know you can totally see my bra here, but its only from the camera flash and you really can't see it in person at all, I promise! I would never walk out of the house otherwise! ha.

Anyway imagine my happiness when I came home and saw that this same necklace is being sold for $58 dollars on J. Crew's website. Score!

I also received the Linea Pelle bracelet I posted about a few posts back. I am super happy with it, the first day I wore it two girls complimented me and asked where I bought it. :)

And lastly, yesterday I went to my mom's hair colorist and I loved her. I think she did an awesome job of fixing what so many stylists in California couldn't! (Its a long story but about a YEAR ago I tried to go brunette, it was an absolute disaster, and my hair hasn't been a nice shade of blonde since!) Anyway, my mom's stylist seriously restored my faith that there are good hair colorists out there (and of course you, too Andi!) Now my hair is just a pretty color blonde, no orange, no grey, no ashy, just pretty light blonde, with subtle lowlights that actually match!

As the colorist said, its still a work in progess - one time can't undo so many months of bad color jobs! I wish I had more time with her! But I'm really happy with it, and I have a good formula to bring with me to China! The salon I've been looking at in Beijing also uses the same brand of professional color that this girl used, so it should be easy to translate. AND no matter what I do to the font here, it won't change so its uniform to the other text, which is driving me nuts, but I'm done & can't deal with it anymore.

And... by the way... I leave for China in 4 days.

XOXO, thanks for reading guys!


  1. I love the hair!

    How come the salons in CA couldn't do blonde correctly? It seems like they should be experts at it (so stereotypical, I know...).

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous! I love all J Crew jewelry-- nice snag! And I am in love with that leather bracelet. I'm on the prowl for an extremely cheap knock-off. :)

  3. You must be so excited!!

    Your hair looks fantastic, thank goodness for NYC!

    And Promises promises sounds like it would be a great show, and I'm in CT, I have no excuse not to get to the city and see more of what is on broadway. I love Kristin Chenoweth, I saw Wicked and Loved her on Pushing Daisies, she is so cute!

    ps. there is an award for you at my blog!

    Chic on the Cheap

  4. Thanks guys! Deconstruction, thats what the stylist yesterday said too! LOL! In San Diego I had no problem but in Monterey it was awful! so I guess you can keep the stereotype because my experience in SoCal was good :)

    Lyddie - make sure to check out broadwaybox for seats... we paid 126 for 1 seat, and the lady next to us paid 79 using that website!

    I will check out the award tomorrow, thanks so much! (I have a major headache right now, need to get off comp!)

  5. Your hair color is beautiful!!! So vibrant and healthy looking.

    Have a safe flight to China :)

  6. Hair color is a universal language. They should get the formula right in China! It does look great.

  7. Yeah, is amazing, that's how I see all my broadway shows :)

    Your hair looks amazing!

  8. Your hair is the exact colour I want - except I'm too scaredy cat to go from almost black to blond!

    how exciting, only 4 days to go!

    also that necklace is beautiful - I always take 'signs' to heart while shopping!

  9. and Emily you are so pretty with the dark hair! I'd be scared to do something so drastic too, but my one friend had lighter hair than me and went as dark as you and she loved it!


  10. good deal on the necklace and good color job. kristin chenoweth has an amazing voice!

    have fun in china!

  11. Your hair looks so pretty and soft !!! I wish I had the guts to go blond ! And that bracelet is gorgeous.

    4 days ! Wow ! How exciting :))

  12. It was really nice and soft after the salon :) She did a Kerastase treatment, and also used Bumble & Bumble mending complex... love the stuff! I would have bought it but they were all out.

    Thanks for stopping by ladies!

  13. love the bracelet!
    your hair looks fab!

  14. Looove your hair! The color looks gorgeous to me :) And so loving that necklace. You're right, it was meant to be.

    And it was a perfect day to be in the city yesterday, right? I'm going to go see Promises, Promises based on your review.

    So exciting that you leave so soon!


  15. Your hair looks great---the color is really pretty. Love the JCrew necklace.

  16. I wouldnt have even recognized that guy from Will & Grace if you hadnt mentioned it! I love Kristen Chenowith! I wanna see wicked live so bad!

    Your hair looks amazing, the highlights are perfect! Im lovin your bracelet, and the fact that you got it on sale too! Im glad to be a follower :)

  17. I would love to see that show, love those actors and I adore Neil Simon, too! How fun! Your hair looks FAB, you look just gorgeous, seriously, they did a great job!

  18. I love the color!!! Very pretty blonde.

    And yes that is definitely a great find on the necklace!

  19. hehe thank you sweetie :D i'll be in beijing sometime in august i think visiting family. i was born there ~

  20. that had to have been an AMAZING show!! love her!

    new silver earring giveaway

  21. I was going to say that if you like Kristin Chenoweth you should watch Pushing Daisies, but LyddieGal beat me to it! ;)

    I love that show! It makes me sad that the canceled it so soon!

    I'm new to reading your blog, I actually found it on The Nest, why is it you are moving to China? Seems really exciting! It's on the list of one of the places I want to visit! I was just curious as to what you have to go through to move over. I am in the process of moving to the UK because my husband lives there, but I need to get the Visa through first and approved before I can move back over.

  22. teaches me to try and pay attention to multiple things while typing. Sorry for all the confusing typos!

    China is on the list of many counties that I want to visit. I'll stop before I not say what I want correctly :P lol

  23. Ashley, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! Thats so cool you are moving to the UK. Its such a great base to explore all of Europe, and you can buy pretty cheap flights to do it too! How awesome! For China I needed to get a Visa too. Right now the one I have is a tourist visa, but within the first 3 months or something we will get a resident's permit as well. I guess its similar! except yours must be a different type of visa to begin with since Americans don't need tourist visas to go to the UK. I have no idea how moving to the UK would work! How incredibly exciting though!


  24. I love your haircolor! Your stylist did an awesome job!

    I'm itching to see Promises, my mind it's going to be just like Down with Love (one of my favorite movies of all time).

    Bon voyage!