Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Secret to Looking Fit: Lululemon!

Um, Lululemon? Hello? Where have you been all my life?

As someone that has been working out since high school (really, I've had my own gym membership since about 9th grade), I have owned and worn a huge variety of different work out clothes in my time. In fact, when it comes to activewear for working out, I'm usually a yoga pants, sports bra and any 'ol-tank-top-will-do kind of girl. It was only recently that I decided to splurge on my first few pieces from Lululemon. I justified them not only by the gym workouts, yoga and pilates classes I could wear them to, but I also rationalized that I'd be traveling a lot this year and comfortable activewear would be necessary.

At first, I had a hard time with the price. But, I received them in the mail and tried them on and I was sold (once I bought the right size! I had to order online). I even did the husband test - tried them on, tried on my Victoria's Secret yoga pants, had the husband tell me which pair looked better - and trust me, he had no idea which was which or even that I could possibly be wearing a $99 pair of yoga pants. And the results, readers? Lululemon won by a long shot. When my husband unknowingly chose the more expensive pair and praised the way they fit, I knew for sure I had struck gold! He's usually pretty mild when I ask, "honey, what about these?"

I ended up buying (and I'll tell you the sizes so you can get an idea how Lulu runs): The Groove Pants in black (size 4)

The Still Pant in static charcoal (size 2) - I don't have a picture of these because Lulu accidentally hemmed the legs two different lengths... but no worries, they were very apologetic and are rushing it for me. Now, when I saw these pants on the website I thought they looked pretty unflattering and couldn't imagine why anyone would want them... but trust me, they are flattering in person, and SO comfy. I like to wear the waist rolled over like in this pic. They are so comfy, I am wearing them on Sunday for my 14 hour direct flight to Beijing!

The Scoop Neck Tank in black (size 6)

(excuse my hair! Its a mess! I didn't go anywhere all day so I gave it a much-needed break from the blowdryer and let it air dry.) I think this is my superwoman pose!

The Cool Racerback in teal (size 6)

Just a word on these tops - I'm a real size C, so just the fact that I can comfortably and supportively wear these tops with/without a sports bra underneath is a serious miracle! They are so supportive!

And finally:

The Mynah Jacket in static charcoal (size 4). I feel a little Jersey Shore with the way I have it halfway unzipped... lol. I probably won't wear it like that. Hahaha. But, really, I love this jacket. Its so cute and majorly comfy and I just love it! I also like that stitching detail - it doesn't draw attention to my shoulders at all and just makes it a little more fitted looking.

As you can see by the sizes... they were sort of all over the place. Also, for the pants, the regular length was way too short on me (I'm almost 5'6") but the talls were way too long - which was fine, because I had them hemmed - Lululemon offers free hemming!

BTW I am wearing OPI's Jade is the New Black on my nails in these pictures.
Can you tell I've had a little sun? I think I am slightly less ghostly!

I've loved being at my mom's, not only for the delicious home cooking, or the baths in the huge jacuzzi bath tub everything... but also because my mom is like a drill sergeant when it comes to working out. She is so fit! And has so much energy! We've worked out almost everyday since I've been here! My legs have that nice, after-work out-sore feeling.

Tomorrow I'm getting my hair colored by my mom's colorist! I can't wait! I have high hopes that she can do something to improve my hair color. Ever since I (disastrously) tried to go brunette a year ago, my hair hasn't been the same! No stylist has been able to get it back to the pretty shade of blonde it was. I found a really old picture from high school, before I went so blonde, and I love the color it is. Maybe I will see what she can do to help me get back to this (my natural color with just some highlights!)

As me and my mom always kid, we will pray to the Hair Gods!

What do you guys think?
Have you been on track with working out, too?



  1. You look great Steph! Hot little body ;) I have heard so many rave reviews about lululemon. I know there is a store about an hour from where I live, and I have been itching to make a trip soon. I am totally a sports bra and whatever top kinda gal! I actually just bought a couple new sporty bras from Forever 21 last week, and they were only a couple bucks. But everyone's reviews have convinced me that lululemon is the best.

  2. Haha thanks!

    I love the champion sports bras from target, thats all I will wear! but I wanted something to look a little "nicer" but still feels like I'm bumming around so I splurged. I definitely understand why someone wouldn't want to spend the $$$ on Lulu... but, I've also heard they last for a super long time, so we'll see! hopefully I won't regret this, haha!

  3. You look great and I'm thinking I need to go find those now, they look comfy!

  4. ohhhh...love the lululemon purchases! you look fantastic in them!! I live in lululemon and love how it's so feminine and trendy but cozy. Best part is, you will have those items for a long time, the quality is fantastic!!

  5. The husband/boyfriend test is always a good one. I've heard lots of good things about Lululemon but I don't work out enough to justify the cost! The items look great on you....I like the teal tank and the foldover pants best.

  6. Love love LOVE Lululemon! I too just discovered it about 2 months ago and now I can not take them off. They totally saved my last 8 hour flight. Another amazing pant is the astro. While I love the Groove the Astro is even more comfy. So exciting about your travels!!

  7. I really love that scoop neck tank. I am so attached to my Champion/Target yoga pants, but I really need a new tank or two for the gym because my old ones are starting to look a little ratty.

  8. Shoebride - I will have to check them out! though I should probably stay away, its an expensive addiction. I think the still pants will be so comfy for the plane! so glad I have them.

    Deconstructon - surprisingly the tanks are pretty affordable! I think the one I bought was 39 or so.

  9. Hey new to your blog! Love the style. <3 V

  10. Love Lulu! That scoop neck tank is pretty chic, especially for workout gear!

    My mom wears all of her lulu on flights, it's comfy yet presentable for public :)
    Looking great girl!

  11. It's too funny because I always assumed everyone knew about Lululemon, but then I realized it was a Canadian store and was only beginning to make it's mark on the US. You look great in those workout clothes! I'm glad I'm not the only one addicted to Lululemon!

  12. I love how lululemon doesn't have that lazy frumpy look that a lot of workout clothes do. I just wish I could justify the price tag =/

    And wow you're so tiny!

  13. Eek! I'm such a Lululemon addict and I don't workout nearly enough to justify all my purchases, but justlfy it by travel/loungewear and the fact that it makes working out more enjoyable and I don't worry looking like a lump.
    I'm obsessed with the all the Wunder Unders (long and cropped) and anything with circle mesh (soo much cooler). They also have am-azing jackets! It's almost all I travel in.
    You're such a hottie in your new Lulul gear - no joke - you'll become addicted!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  14. I really need to go in Lulumon one day, because I actually have one nearby. Your workout outfits are so cute!

  15. These are amazing work out clothes. I need to get some - ive got back into the gym recently and im always so limited in what i can wear as ive hardly got any gym stuff. Lululemon stuff looks great.

    Love your blog and im now following :)


  16. you know I'm obsessed with LuluLemon and I own the still pants and tons of their tanks- I love the racerback ones!

    the lulu stuff all looks awesome on you!

  17. you have an amazing body, and thats hard to tell in work out clothes! they look so comfy!
    i really love that o.p.i. too. looks really cute! <3

  18. I know not of working out haha. A walk, for sure, but nothing that would ever require special apparel.

    Your new workout clothes look wonderful though - and if they give you the motivation that you need, then they are worth every penny!

    Chic on the Cheap

  19. oh wow. Your workout clothes are so freaking cute! All of them.. I just can't bring myself to spend it on them. lol. Hmmm. We'll see. lol

  20. I don't own any Lululemon, but came across the best looking pair of capris in the most recent Runners World and I'm itching to get my hands on them. Love that jacket of yours, super cute!

  21. i love the jacket and that shade of nail polish, i've been meaning to buy a green one myself and now thanks to you i can't wait to go get one of those!

    hello 100th follower =) thanks for following me, i am too now !


  22. Great post! I have always wanted to splurge on workout clothes too, but never work out steady enough to spend my money on it. You have inspired me though! Thanks for your sweet comment by the way, San Diego is actually where me and my husband are from! We moved to Italy from San Diego. I miss it a lot, and hopefully someday will end up there again after our adventures are over. :):) Perhaps I will see you there one day!

  23. Hey there...sorry I haven't commented in a while. I have been busy stuying for finals. You look beautiful as usual. I'm not sure if I missed it, but what brand of active waer do you like most...Addidas, Nike, Rebok, etc...? I'm looking to get =back to my exercise routine, and I need to look fab in the gym.LOL

    A special note: Please look at my post called "In Memory of..." It is for an Important cause. Tell other people to sign the petition and spread the word:)

    Tc, Nia B
    Dubai's It Girl

  24. Nia - I signed the petition!
    The brand is Lululemon, I know its a weird name so you probably overlooked it in the title, lol! I just learned how to pronounced it correctly fairly recently, ahahh.


  25. Great stuff! You look fantastic, good purchases!

    I'm pretty excited that we're getting a Lululemon in Portland "soon" according to their website. When I can actually go and try stuff on I'll definitely find a way to rationalize the price. :)

    But ... um ... how DO you pronounce it?

  26. THANK YOU for the reviews! i definitely need to invest in some new workout gear (if only in the hopes that it will motivate me to actually get to the gym for a change!) and these pieces seem like a great investment. you look amazing!

  27. Those are so cute! I so wish Lulumon was in my budget! It may be worth saving up to splurge :)

    Love that nail polish too! I may have to hunt that down!

  28. Nice!

    So exciting about the lulu stuff. It's huge here, obvs, as it's Canadian. The hoodies are my fave, but I do have some pants.

    I've never tried to tops and to hear that they are super supportive (no sportsbra needed, underneath - amazing!!!) makes me curious and I'll have to go try it out.

    YAY hair colour!

    Working out: somewhat OFF track. I hurt my back a month ago and as a regular gym-goer, have been avoiding the gym in hopes to heal. It's been a month and I feel like a total bum. Did Zumba last night and totally sweat it out, and it was needed. My back is a bit sore today, but I'll survive.

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  29. great work out clothes!! I love working out as well, but I have been kinda lazy since I moved back to germany ha.
    Hope your flights gonna be relaxed!!

  30. ive wanted to try that green nail polish for the longest!


  31. I was so excited to try some Lululemon pants. I had heard amazing things about them, and as a girl with serious hips, I thought these would be my yoga pant miracle. But no! I was seriously disappointed! The yoga pants I finally came to love were from J. Crew and they seem to have been discontinued. :( Now I'm lost.

  32. Marissa - that stinks! too bad! I always wore the VS ones, maybe you can try those?


  33. This is a GREAT post! I'm always on the lookout for great and comfortable workout clothes. I've heard really great things at Lululemon...I may have to finally bite the bullet and cough up the bucks for the nicer gear. :)

    Bre @ http://theredbungalow.blogspot.com

  34. Love lululemon! They have the best stuff. Discovered them a bunch of years ago through a friend in Toronto before they came to the states. You look fab in these pix. And I have to say that you're my idol...a gym membership since 9th grade?!?! That's amazing!


  35. btw I tagged u for a blog award! =)

  36. I love your blog and you are so awesome for going to China to study the language in depth! My mom's been trying to get me to do that for years haha.

    Lululemon is my favorite sportswear brand - I live in their Wunder Under crops and adore their bra tops for yoga. The tanks look great on you, and the best part is you could wear these out and nobody would know they're activewear =)