Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Anthro fitting room reviews - mostly a fail for me!

Well, after the gym today, my mom had to run an errand that happened to be right next door to Anthropologie, so I decided to do an unplanned Anthro fitting room review session... luckily I had my camera in my huge purse! The quality of these pics is not really good at all... I have to try to cover the flash, which doesn't allow for a good pose... (I would be really embarrassed, I can just imagine people giving the side-eye to the dressing room with all the camera clicks and huge flashes... LOL). Do any of you guys feel silly sitting in there taking pics? I feel like the sales people think I'm nuts. But, I know most people use cellphones and I'm just not that advanced, hahaha.

Anyway a few months ago I bought the Foliage Fancy tee, and while I loved it for a cute everyday tee, it was too fragile and already had a little hole in it after just 1 wear.. so back to the store it went! love Anthro's return policy! Its really one of the best I have ever seen.

OK so onto the reviews. The two items I REALLY wanted to try on were not at my store! There is another store nearby which I will definitely check out later this week. The two items I weren't able to try on were the Ipanema dress and the Banderole tank.

Other than those two items, I had nothing I was really looking for so everything was grabbed at random!

First thing I tried on was the Drawing Parallels Dress. You know I love stripes! But, alas... this dress was not meant to be. First... I think its really over priced for what it is. $178 - which I wouldn't have paid so I guess its a good thing I didn't like it! I just didn't find it flattering, though I do have to say it is very nice quality, the dress is crazy comfortable, and it just felt nice to wear.

Anyway - all in all I felt like it just was pretty blah. I actually think it might be a lot cuter without the stripes on the very bottom. Its a big pass for me! It did run true to Anthro sizing.

Next I tried on the Decanted Dress. And, again, I wasn't crazy about it, though I guess its sort of cute. Maybe if it went on super sale. I felt like it made me look "hippy" (not to be confused with "hippie"... lol). Here it is belted.

And unbelted... woah look at the intense scary look on my face... lol

This next one was from the sale rack and was just gorgeous! Its a really poor picture - I'm sorry! The lighting is awful because of my trying to block out the flash! This was the last one my store had, and it was a size 0. It was way too short on me... but wow, what a pretty top!! If you are looking for this top in a size 0, the Greenwich, CT store has it! Its Odille's Striped Pursuit Top (no longer on the website, though it is on Anthro's European website for super expensive, ha ha!)

Here it is from the site so you can see it a little better

I really loved this top, its 100% silk and the draping was so pretty.

My favorite things from this trip to Anthro were two of Velvet's basic tees. I just loved these tees! They were so cute & flattering.

First one is Velvet's Soft Edges Tee.

I know its just a tee but it was so flattering, light, & soft! I tried it on in the dark grey, (which was not see through) Again sorry the picture is soo dark.

Here it is on the model so you can see the pretty details

And finally, the only thing I took home with me from Anthro today... the Yardarm Tee.

I love it! Again, I know its just a tee... but its so cute for summer ~ and sometimes, these sort of tees are what you end up wearing again & again! I love the little pocket and the buttons on the top, by the shoulder.

The last tee is the only thing I bought from Anthro today.

But the really exciting stuff for me happened at ZARA.... I bought a dress and a top from there, and they are awesome - I am so excited to show them to you guys in my next post!

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  1. Love those t-shirts and the decanted dress is pretty on you, but I agree-it's hard to pay full price for something you don't 100% love!

  2. I like the Odille's Striped Pursuit Top the best!:D I also like the top you bought .:D

    Looking forward to your Zara post!:D

    Happy Monday!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  3. you made the right choice at anthro I think.

    Looking forward to Zara scores.

  4. I know! It was all so blah! I love my little tee though!! hah

  5. I didn't know Anthro carries Velvet. I will have too look for that next time! :)

  6. I really like that Velvet top on you. Very flattering!

    Check out my giveaway this week!

    (The Pretty Pauper)

  7. i absolutely love that white-blue striped silk top! soooo elegant!

  8. SO CUTE!! Great outfits!!!!! xoxo!

  9. Great post! I really liked the Striped Pursuit top! It's so cute!!! Love the drapey look :)

  10. What a fun post! I love the tees a lot, great choice! That dress is super overpriced, omgoodness! haha

    You make everything look cute though, because you are gorgeous! :)


  11. Yeah even though Velvet is sort of pricey for a tee, I love the brand... they are well constructed and last long! (plus I had an even exchange!)

  12. fun post! have you tried just turning the flash off your camera? it might result in a fairly dark photo but it'd be clearer than the 'orange glow' from covering it?

    Just a suggestion :)

  13. but the orange glow is kind of cool, don't ya think? lol. Just kidding. Good suggestion, but I don't know how! I'll have to sit and mess with it. I am sure its easy.

  14. suchhh cute goods my dear!
    im inlove with all of the stripes!

  15. Really love the Odille top ... it's so expensive on Anthro Euro and yet there are so many purchasers and reviewers!

    I saw someone get yelled at once at an H&M for taking fitting room pics ... ever since then I've had to be super sneaky with my iphone on silent!

  16. I need to make a trip to Anthro! I have never been, because they are kind of faraway from my house.
    I can't wait to see your Zara stuff! I am going there on Thursday and I'm really hoping to find something good!

  17. I never use flash in a dressing room -- Once I got yelled at for taking photos! But I don't know what the big deal is, I mean, if I bought it I'd be photographing it...

    I love the striped top though, and I can't wait to see your new acquisitions!

    Chic on the Cheap

  18. I like the top you took home! Looking forward to your Zara post! I'm so jealous, we don't have a Zara here. I plan my visit around Zara whenever I'm in CA.


    P.S. You can adjust the settings on your camera so that it doesn't do that annoying picture taking sound. And you can definitely turn off the flash. Looking forward to more fitting room reviews!

  19. the last t-shirt is my favourite! that little pocket is really cute :)


  20. I absolutely love the striped top! So pretty!

    Visit my blog too if you want :)

  21. love the tee you bought and looking forward to the zara review! you're so daring bringing your camera in there ;)

  22. Hey Steph! That first dress actually looks great on you! I know what your saying about the bottom stripes though. Funny, I just posted on my other blog http://kccloset.wordpress.com/ that I didn't find much at Anthro great this week. The new arrivals for me.....weren't the greatest. Some dresses are cute, but the tops? eh. Anyway, are you getting more and more anxious to go?

  23. I really like it all! And don't worry I always feel foolish taking loads of pictures in stores like that!