Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Crazy for Stripes!

I love stripes. I always have. In the past, I couldn't resist the allure of stripes, so I bought plenty of striped items - dresses, cardigans, tanks... but then I tended to shy away from wearing them. I was nervous about wearing horizontal stripes - you know the bad rep they sometimes have! Last summer, I decided that because I am so consistently drawn to stripes, I would embrace them - and its been a love affair ever since.

I love to wear stripes in spring and summer - they remind me of hot summer days, laying on the beach, spending the day on the boat...

Here are my current picks for the best of stripes!

1. Anthropologie Transverse Bikini, $68 top, $68 bottom, available here.

2. Anthropologie Sea Stripes Bikini, $128 top, $128 bottom (cute, albeit insanely overpriced), available here.

3. Anthropologie Between the Line Bikini, $78 top, $78 bottom, (my pick), available here.

These Anthro bikinis are adorable, but expensive, and something I'd definitely wait for a sale on!

1. Anthropologie Hello, Good Day Dress, $118, available here.

2. Ella Moss Jackie Strapless Dress, (yes I already featured this dress!), $153, available also in Navy, available here.

3. Ron Herman Eight Sixty Stripe Tank Dress, $68, available here.

1. One Clothing Striped Tank Dress, $24.99, available at Macy's here.

2. Aqua Striped Zip-front Tank Dress, $68, available at Bloomingdales (very cute, go to the site and zoom in to see it closer) here.

3. Ella Moss Kit Kat Maxi dress, $177, available here.

1. Anthropologie Sea's Epitome Shirt, $58, available here.

2. Oonagh by Nanette Lepore, Hank Stripe Tunic, $98, available at Revolve Clothing here.

3. Three Dots Stripe Racerback Tank, $80, available at Bloomingdales here.

4. C&C California's French Stripe Racerback Tank, $62, available at Bloomingdales here.

1. Urban Outfitters BDG Long Sleeve Striped Cardigan in Navy, $32, available here.

2. Urban Outfitters BDG Long Sleeve Stripe Cardigan in Red, $32, available here.

3. Urban Outffiters Lucca Couture Striped Cardigan, $9.99, available here.

Warning: stripes sometimes look extremely wonky on computer screens. You need to click on the links and zoom in to see what they really look like! And, these obviously are NOT meant to be worn all together. ;)

I hope all these stripes don't make you dizzy! Do you love stripes, too?



  1. ok those bikinis are super cute! Love them :) esp the last two! I am obsessed with stripes right now too! <3

  2. You know I love stripes!

    That Anthro dress is super cute.

  3. I definitely love stripes... those bikinis are so cute. xoxo

  4. I heart stripes! Those bikinis are beyond adorable!

  5. I love the bikinis too!

    I generally shy away from stripes (my mom couldn't stand them so until I was 18 I owned very few striped items). But I am sure there is something in my closet that I am just not recalling!

  6. I"M YOUR 150th follower. Which makes me feel kinda special considering that triggers your giveaway. I have a giveaway going on my own blog although I have about 100 fewer followers :) I love stripes, but only in small doses. My grandmother always says I remind her of concentration camps when I wear them though.

  7. I LOVE the first bikini! So adorable!

  8. i love the anthropoligie bikini!!!
    you have an awesome blog, keep it up!
    thanks for sharing as always
    and thanks for the encouraging comments!


  9. The bikinis are by far the superstars of this post! hah. I Love them! so adorable! Wish they were just a tad cheaper ;)

    Thanks for all the comments, you know I love it! hah.

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE the anthro hello good day dress, it's sooo adorable! i am a HUGE fan of stripes these days, especially nautical looking ones (i just did a post on nautical finds hehe)! just wanted to let you know that i am new to your blog and i love it!

  11. all of it is adorable. You have great taste in clothes. Cute blog!


  12. Yes!:D Loving those bikinis!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  13. those swimsuites are so cute! i feel like you can almost never go wrong with stripes.
    lovely blog thanks for checking out mine!

  14. I love stripes, these are really cute pieces!

    Thank you for your sweet comment. I really appreciate it. <3

  15. I love stripes, and those bikinis are so cute! You have great taste in style, and such amazing selections here! I love your blog, and I'm following now for sure. :)

    By the way, thank you for your kind comments. A lot of people do say that I look like Paris Hilton and I definitely consider it a compliment, thank you!! Have a wonderful Tuesday, Love!


  16. I've been lusting after that Ella Moss dress ever since you posted it the first time!

  17. Adorable! Lovee the suits. :) And your blog is WAY too cute for words. Count me in as a follower. :)

  18. Oh I love stripes! I will wear anything striped, so fresh and clean! That Anthro bikini is insane! I love it, but weird tanline, perhaps! Great post, though, I SO enjoyed it!

  19. i know what you mean about the rep that stripes have- you just have to be picky i think! i love those bikinis, although i dont want to think about it being bikini season just yet! <3


  20. i'm loving your blog! i'm chinese myself, and actually am going back next year after i graduate high school! after like.. 11 years hahaha... = =

    i'm pretty white washed.

    anyway, i hope you'll post lots of pictures so i can see what china actually looks like.

    i'll be checking back hahaha :D

  21. I love stripes, all these are fab! ! I ♥ Anthropologie!

    I am a new follower of yours, I adore your blog!

  22. wooow I need the first blue striped bikini :-o amazing.


  23. Those bikinis are so cute! I just found your blog, it's wonderful!


  24. hey steph!

    you should check out my blog post today, there's something for you :)

  25. a) I LOVE striped cardigans.
    b) Your blog is adorable. I'm definitely going to follow it. :)

  26. I nominated you for an award. It's on my blog. =)


  27. I love the anthro bathing suits & the retro feel. I was just flipping through the catalog and picked out few hot ones for this summer :)

  28. Thanks for visiting my blog - I love yours too!

    I am loving stripes right now too! You found some great items. I especially love the striped bikini from Anthro - I want it!!