Wednesday, April 21, 2010

OOTD! Antro's Chantico Tank and Sam Edelman's Daria sandals from Lori's Shoes

A couple weeks ago, beautiful Andi at Saltwater Dreams did an OOTD post wearing Anthropologie's pretty Chantico Tank (which has recently been restocked online and is now available in black as well!). I told her I had this top and she wondered how it looked on me, considering our body types are different and we both bought the tank in the same size. Well, this is for you Andi!

I love this top. Its so pretty. It reminds me of a Greek Goddess, and as Andi pointed out, its very forgiving due to all the draping, so if you are having one of those days, this is the top to wear that will make you feel like a million bucks again. :)

I tried it on in both grey and pink. I loved the pink on me, it brought out the rosy tint (haha) to my cheeks and was very flattering to my skin tone... but, I ultimately went with the grey because I thought 1. its a little more sophisticated and 2. it will hide dirt better than the pink (I hear Beijing is sort of dirty, and I know its really polluted!)

Not the best pic, but you get the idea of me in the pink..

And in the grey I bought

Strike a pose! (where do I come up with these poses? lol!)

Again I am wearing my destroyed J. Crew skinnies, and also my new Daria sandals by Sam Edelman, available here at Lori's Shoes (code: TOUTIE for 20% off). (I originally thought these sandals might be way too much with all the rhinestones... but I love them. I think they are perfect in an edgy way to spice up an otherwise plain outfit!)

* BTW, I love Lori's Shoes. If you have never shopped there, you need to start! They have a great selection, awesome customer service & good store policies. Check them out! (Plus you can often find a coupon code!)

And I just love the zip-up back... its a really cute detail, and it makes these sandals so easy to put on!

Two things:

1. the outfit can definitely use some more accessories - maybe a couple bracelets - which are packed.

And 2. the shirt is super wrinkly from being packed in a suitcase! Its dry clean only - does anyone have any tips for getting out the wrinkles? I was thinking of hanging it up in the bathroom while I take a shower and letting the steam maybe work them out.



  1. definitely love the grey. even better than the pink, actually. it looks gorgeous on your skin tone. and the sandals: LOVE the edginess. i love to buy things with a bit of edge on them.

    be sure to enter my giveaway over at my blog!


  2. YAY! Looks so great on you, a perfect fit. I can't believe the small works for both of us, you're so tiny :)
    Mine was really wrinkly too, I had to Downy Wrinkle Release it!
    Those shoes are great.

  3. I really like that shirt! I am so bummed that my Anthro is 45 minutes away. Need to make a trip :-)

  4. I ALWAYS do the steam-out-a-shirt-while-taking-a-shower method! I don't even own an iron.

    I love those sandals too. I would love a new pair for the summer, but I haven't started to look yet! I am going on vacation in a few weeks, and I would just like something by then.

  5. Love the shirt and the WHOLE outfit :)

    Very nice!

  6. great combo. i'm loving those shoes!!

    p.s. I have a double giveaway I think you might like!

  7. That's a gorgeous top... and I love it in grey! I totally agree with you about the polluted air in Beijing (I did a semester abroad there). I used to think LA air was bad but it's nothing compared to Beijing!

  8. The top is so lovely! Looks like it can be worn with anything and day OR night :D <3

  9. I love love the top! So pretty!!!! You look great it in and it fits you perfectly :)

  10. great outfit! :) you an andi both look incredible in that top!

  11. So cute! I love that top on you, it really pairs nicely with those sexy sandals. I'm sure you'll be getting a ton of use out of them this Summer!

  12. I have two similar pairs of Sam Edelman sandals and the zipper is the best part. Love this outfit!

  13. Love this top and it fits u perfectly!!! and the shoes are amazing!!!!!!!


  14. I love that tank. It's very flattering on you. And good choice with the color. Loved the stressed jeans! I don't care what anyone says, I love stressed jeans.


  15. Me too Rachael! as you can tell. I just love them.. hah. Thanks for all the comments everyone!

  16. i love jcrew! their jeans are the best!

  17. Loving the outfit!:D

    The grey one looks better with your jeans, good call!:D

    The pink one does look good on you too, btw.:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  18. super cute Steph! I lvoe the destroyed jeans paired with it.

  19. Cute top! I love it in both colors, but the gray is classier and more versatile. I need to go to Anthro soon to shop!

  20. That top is on my wish list! I just don't know which color I like best. I like them both!

    Those sandals are very cute!

    (The Pretty Pauper)

  21. you look beautiful! great outfit, that grey top fits you very well ;)

  22. I NEED that top (not to mention those destroyed jeans).

  23. I love the pink one and the shoes!!!


  24. That's a really cute top!

  25. I love the sandals and the top is fantastic!! I would have gone with gray too! :)

  26. That gray top :O
    And the gladiators!
    Gorgeous <3