Saturday, April 24, 2010

Loving: Shades of blue! A (sort of) OOTD post

Sorry I've been MIA (2 days! hah). I had to drive from my in-laws' house in Orlando to my hometown of Ft. Lauderdale so I could leave my car with my brother while I am in China. Then, my dad and I flew back to Connecticut yesterday morning so I can spend 2 weeks with my mom and dad!

So yesterday as we are 30-something thousand feet above Maryland somewhere, my dad asked me what class we are flying to China. "Duh, dad. Coach. Its the government - you think they are going to spring for us and pay for First?!" Well - my dad told me he has MILES and will use them to UPGRADE US!! Yesterday I called our airline to inquire... gave the customer service rep our confirmation number, asked if there were upgrades available for our flight and asked how many miles we would need. We were just 5,000 miles short for the both of us, so I hung up to decide what to do. We could easily purchase the missing miles for about $200 and I wouldn't hesitate to do that.... except two minutes later when I called the airline again, this person told me the last lady I spoke with gave me incorrect information and right now there are no upgrades available. The first lady totally got my hopes up!! Trust me I was fine traveling coach because we are going no matter what.... but she made me think I was thisclose to flying first, so when I called back my hopes were crushed! Haha.

Apparently I can get on the wait list - the airlines like to sometimes hold out on the upgrades until the very last day - you know, to see if any PAYING customers (pfft!) want to pay for first class tickets, and when no one does, they release the upgrades. I'm deciding whether I should risk paying $200 for the missing miles, then getting on the waiting list and hoping like heck that an upgrade becomes available! If one doesn't, then its like wasting $200. What would you do? What should I do?

OK so onto my OOTD! Sort of - I didn't take any full body shots! but I'm wearing dark skinnies, as usual, and gold sandals.

Anyway I love the rich blue of this Ann Taylor top! I bought it a few years ago and its proven to be a good investment. And, I love the shade of blue especially against the pretty turquoise of my earrings. :) Different shades of blue look so pretty against each other. Next time I'll get a full body shot for you guys - I am trying to finish this post and get out of the house!

My mom and I are going to run down to Greenwich Avenue so I can bring my pants into Lululemon to get them hemmed. I also want to check out Madewell... I have a feeling they have cute summery clothes. OH and my mom read in the NY Times about a store called Fox's - apparently its a store that gets designer surplus, so they sell designer clothes at huge discounts! Hopefully I have something good to report back!!

Anyway I REALLY want your advice about getting on the waiting list .... what do you think? Remember if I DON'T get upgraded, I will have wasted $200. Opinions?!! THANKS!

Oh, also my mom and I are definitely planning to see a show in NYC... the last few times we have seen Wicked, Avenue Q, Rock of Ages, and my mom has seen Jersey Boys. Any recommendations for us?

Talk soon!


  1. love the blue top! such a great color!

  2. Honestly, If the lady said there are no upgrades available I wouldn't rely too much on them coming open. However I am a tight wad so if it was me I would probably cross my fingers and hope for the best because I would be so bummed if I just threw away $200 for nothing :/

    I love Connecticut! I used to stay there every summer. My dad and his family are from Fairfied/Bridgeport!

  3. I'd call again and play dumb and see what a 3rd cs person says to you.

    Love that blue with your hair color, the contrast is lovely!

  4. I agree, call a third time. As someone who just did the China-US route, an upgrade would have much preferred.

    And yes, check out Fox's - they are terrific. I've seen ridiculously discounted Vera Wang and Marc Jacobs in the past few months. It rotates frequently.

  5. Aww loving these pics, you look so pretty!
    Just started the blogging business myself, would love for you to check out my blog and follow if you like it :)


  6. Ohh Deconstruction... cool! I was wondering if you had heard of them. We are going to check it out later this week. I was sidetracked in lululemon today ;)

    Thanks for the comments everyone! I think I will keep calling periodically!

  7. OOooo I def love that blue top on you!! I love how saturated the color is. :) I normally don't care for upgrades to first class (unless it's free!).. but if I was flying to China I'd probably change my mind.

    Hope you're having a fab weekend!

    xx Love & Aloha

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  8. I am going to NYC in two months for the first time, and I am so Excited!
    You look beautiful in blue, I really love that Ann Taylor top.
    Ok, and as far as the romper: I found it in the BP department. It is by a company called Velvet Torch and I believe the style number is: 86435. I think! I am not entirely postive on that number. But I just got it this past wed, and it should hit the site soon. I am surprised it isn't on there yet. Or, at least the last time I checked (yesterday) it wasn't. I hope this helps!

  9. i love blue mee too :!!
    i have a giveaway on my blog come on see if you want :)

  10. Love the blue top... and you look really gorgeous.

    About the wait list... I don't like being put on waiting list if there is money involved. It'll just be a waste of money if you don't get accommodated. If they will agree to put you on wait list and pay the $200 if you get the upgrade, that will be fine. But if they don't agree, never mind, just travel coach. Remember it's peak season here in Asia so I guess airlines are really booked.

    Have a great weekend! xoxo

  11. Love the top!! Blue looks awesome on you!!! Your hair color is amazing as well :)


  12. I agree with calling a 3rd time. Also I personally would do it (if the $200 includes both of you) because it is an incredibly long flight and I would definitely prefer first class over coach. I don't think the $200 is really wasted because either your dad can use it on tickets in the future, or use it on flight upgrades.

  13. You look so pretty in blue! As for the flight, I hate being cramped in small spaces, so I would probably be inclined to pay the $200 and take my chances! But as others have mentioned calling again sounds like a good idea. :)

  14. that shade of blue looks really cute on you!

  15. Cute top!

    I love Mama Mia! I definitely recommend that one! It is so fun and uplifting. Les Mis is back - it's amazing!

    Wait until the day before the flight. You can often get upgraded that way/

  16. blue looks great on you! Hope you have a wonderful time there

  17. Hmmm, I usually don't upgrade but China is a loooong flight, might be worth it! I would definitely call and inquire again! Great top btw, have fun in CT!

  18. Generally I would say not to bother paying more money but that's probably because my luck with upgrade lists has been horrible (in other words, it never happens b/c all the business travelers with more 'status' get them first).
    However, I would just bug the heck out of their customer service line from now till it's too late because you might get lucky. China is a long flight, which is the only reason I might risk it...

  19. One of the advantages of being tiny is that I'm actually quite okay in coach... but China is a long flight and if it's $200 for both of you then that doesn't sound unreasonable. I can't believe they would charge you the $200 just to be on the wait list if you don't end up getting the upgrade though. But good luck whatever you decide to do!

    Oh and I love how rich and saturated that blue is!

  20. You have the cutest clothes! I love your OOTD posts!

  21. That shade of blue is stunning on you!

    Honestly, I'd just suck it up and save the $200. An upgrade would be nice, but think of all of the fun goodies you could pick up in China for $200!

  22. Thanks for the advice everyone. I think I'm going to suck it up.

    and Taylor - thanks, that is so sweet!

  23. What a gorgeous top! The color looks great on you :)

  24. I love the blue top!! It's a great color on you!! If I were you, I would just go coach and save the miles. It sounds like there isn't likely going to be openings and it would be so annoying to waste the $200!! Have a good day hon!

  25. you are so adorable.
    i love the colorof your hair! <3