Thursday, April 29, 2010

Luxury Link & Island Spotlight! Tahiti & Moorea

Travelers! Do you guys know about Luxury Link? Luxury Link is a really awesome travel website. As you can infer from the name, they feature luxury properties on their site, and often times these featured properties are small boutique hotels (which you know I love). The thing about this site is that you can usually find really amazing deals for these luxury type hotels. Often times the package will include dinner or all excursions or an ocean view suite or all transfers... many different little perks. You can search by destination, interests, or property types.

The coolest thing, I think, about Luxury Link is the auction feature. This feature is a seriously good way to take advantage of a well-priced luxury trip. Many times you are the only bidder and you can buy the package for a seriously cheap price! What I do is go to the actual hotel's website and make sure that what I am getting is a really amazing deal (9 times out of 10 there is a ridiculous discount that you get by booking it through luxury link). I also go to TripAdvisor (one of my biggest tools in planning a trip) and check out the traveler reviews for the hotel.

I know sometimes using an auction site can be scary, but its not - its actually really easy, and if you take advantage of it, you can send yourself on an otherwise unaffordable vacation.

And seriously, guys, I am really not all about luxury but the one type of destination I DO like to luxury-it-up are beach destinations. To me, a beach destination is the one type of vacation where the type of hotel you stay in really matters. Thats why when we went to French Polynesia, we needed to make sure we stayed at a prime location!

This morning I received this email from Luxury Link and as someone who has done this vacation, I know that this is a seriously great deal for French Polynesia.

Just the fact that daily breakfast is included is a huge saving, because food in French Polynesia is not cheap (but there are ways to make it cheaper and if you are interested I will share all my tricks!)

The items this featured trip includes really make this a fabulous deal (catamaran ride from Tahiti to Moorea... which we did... all transfers... breakfast daily... flights... rooms... this is a DEAL guys!). The little *asteriks specified that this is for low season, but for high season you only need to add $200 per person.

I know a lot of people want to go to French Polynesia and when I saw this amazing deal, I knew I had to share!


And without further adieu, I thought I'd share pictures from my trip to Tahiti and Moorea. All of the following pictures are my personal pictures. WARNING: VERY IMAGE HEAVY!

In Tahiti we stayed at the Intercontinental, which was gorgeous, had an amazing location and view, and the pool was just ridiculous.

Our first morning there, the view from our room

This image hasn't been altered... this is really the gorgeous blue of French Polynesia's waters!

The island in the distance are the jagged peaks of beautiful Moorea

After we took the catamaran from Tahiti to Moorea, we were picked up at the docks and whisked away to our gorgeous hotel, which is in absolute prime location - the Sheraton Moorea. We stayed in a garden room for a few nights and then an overwater bungalow for the remainder... would have loved to the entire time, but we're not made of money... hah. If you go, an overwater bungalow is a MUST even if its just for 1 or 2 nights.

The amazing thing about the Sheraton Moorea is that its on a reef... it has the best snorkeling in all of Moorea! There were moray eels and even black tip reef sharks right there!

Snorkeling right off our balcony

The inside of the room... look below the coffee table... yup, you can watch the fishies swimming from right inside your room!

And what makes Moorea so interesting (as opposed to somewhere like Bora Bora, which is amazing, don't get me wrong) ... is that it has more to it than just the water... we went on Jeep 4x4 tours of the interior, saw pineapples being grown, drank Moorea-made rum...

There were a ton of mosquitos here (at the inland location in the pic below), which I was actually more afraid of than swimming with 7 foot sharks in the wild... Thats where you can really see a little bit of my personality... more afraid of Dengue fever-carrying bugs than big scary, potentially man-eating sharks... LOL AND LOOK! LOOK! I am TAN!!! I TOLD YOU I am not usually so darn pale!!

And I can't stop myself from taking pictures of cute puppies wherever we go..

And the sharks... I have pictures of us actually in the water with them, and a really funny picture of a huge sting ray on my shoulder and my freaked out expression... but, alas, its packed. It was taken with an underwater camera so its not digital.

And goodnight, beautiful Moorea!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!! I sure enjoyed reminiscing! I can't wait to go back to French Polynesia one day.

I know French Polynesia is a place many people want to go and may have questions about... if you have any feel free to ask!

What is your dream destination?


*BTW this is all just my personal opinion. I'm not a French Polynesia expert and I haven't been everywhere or stayed at all the hotels on these islands, but I did a lot of research beforehand, and then I took my trip, and these are the impressions I am left with.


  1. Right now, my dream destination is Australia. I wouldn't mind a tropical vacation either, of course.

  2. Bora Bora...that's my dream destination!
    Nice pics and cutttteeee puppy hehe

  3. GORGEOUS photos. I am SO, SO jealous... especially as I view them from work.

    I have way too many dream destinations to list. I have only ever been to Mexico, England and Ireland and want more than anything to leave and just travel the world!

  4. oh my these pictures look like heaven.

  5. I've always wanted to have one of those overwater bungalows! Seriously considered it for my honeymoon but it would've been $5-$8K for just 3-4 days so I had to pass... Maybe when I start making the big bucks hehe... But it looks gorgeous and you're so lucky!

  6. Simply AMAZING! When we were planning our recent vacay, we considered the French Polynesian and it was so costly. I hope to go there soon those. The pictures are amazing!

  7. These photos are amazing! What a gorgeous place.

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  8. I know, I love traveling!! Isn't traveling just the best?!

  9. I'm loving all the images... the water is so clear and the place is so serene. I love your tan too. Thanks for sharing that link... I'll check it out for my next vacation. xoxo

  10. What an amazing site! And sights... as in images. I will definitely check out that website. And holy cow those pictures are more than breath taking! I am jealous! I want to go now! My dream vaca is Nepal though. I just have to go for some reason.


  11. OMG I'm swooning here!!! These photos are gorgeous! I've always wanted to go there and even before you posted pix I would have chosen it as my dream destination.

    Have a great weekend! xoxo

  12. Rachael, I'm going to Nepal this year!! I will make sure to do a special post just for you! and I think its so neat you want to go there.


  13. ohh my, just drooled a little over these pictures! sooo amazing! I want to go there ASAP and your hotel looks to die for!

    xox Vicky
    Bikinis & Passports

  14. What an amazing trip! Those overwater bungalows look heavenly. Great photos.

    I'm craving a trip to Tokyo right now— although, the super-long flight, and the complete language barrier makes it a bit of a pipe dream at the moment.

    I'm off to Norway in a week, so am very excited about that. : )

    - Catherine at Littlehouse of Style

  15. Sooo Pretty! Really lovely blog :)

    Also your title is so clever!
    Cheers, Jesa

  16. Tahiti & Moorea look beautiful! I have officially added them to my list of places to go.

  17. WWWWOOOOWWWWWW! LOVE the pics! Ok this is my dream destination....SO jealous! Dang now I really want to go swim with some sharks. Which by the way is awesome compared to mosquitos...hehe... :) Thanks so much for sharing!

  18. I just came across your blog today! I'm looking to book my honeymoon in French Polynisia as well! Looks so beautiful! I'm a new follower of your blog!

  19. Thanks for stopping by Carol! I'll be sure to check out your blog later tonight :) FP is just amazing, definitely go at some point!


  20. oh my gosh! these pictures are amazing! looks like a dream vacation!!! xo

  21. I'm sooooo jealous! I'm about to have my dream vacation in Tuscany! All thanks to