Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Zara Purchases

These two items are actually my first ever purchases from Zara... what can I say, I've never lived by a Zara before! Luckily Beijing has several, because I really liked this store. It has really affordable clothes, I am guessing the quality is about the same as the best quality item at H&M? Either way, I was really impressed with the cute styles they had in the store.

I tried on a ton of stuff and I liked a lot, but I only left with these two items.

The first is this really cute tunic/top... omg, love this top!! Earlier that day I went to Anthropologie and the sales girl at Anthro was actually wearing this top. As soon as I saw her in it I knew I had to have it! so I asked her if it was from Anthro and she told me she bought it at Zara. I was surprised that they are allowed to wear items from other stores! but, to me it looked like something you could find at Anthro, so maybe thats why.

Even though I've been told not to bring white to Beijing... I couldn't resist this top! Its just too cute.

The pretty eyelet trims the sleeves as well as the bottom hem.

Here it is on me, I took this at the last minute to give you some idea of the fit... its very gauzy, somewhat sheer, I'll wear a cami underneath when I wear it out. I love the light guazy material! Its so summery! It can also double as a cute bathing suit cover up.

Also, the sleeves have a tie and it sort of ruches them up a little bit - cute detail. The bottom has a tie also so you can wear it more tunic like, or more blousey if you like, longer or shorter.. etc. I love it! I can't wait to wear it.

My second Zara purchase is an adorable dress.

The dress I chose is made of a silky-feeling material... I think its actually rayon... it feels very silky, smooth, and is very light and comfortable. I love the ruffles! And even though there are ruffles on the sleeves (I tend to avoid that), they actually don't draw attention to my shoulders at all (I have broad shoulders and I tend to get self-conscious about them). It is also smocked at the waist... its just a flattering detail that adds a little to the dress! My husband loves me in this shade of green... our circle of friends always make Marine jokes (because its Marine Corps green!) and joke about how his favorite color is this shade of green.

And a detail shot... pretty!

Zara has a ton of really cute summery dresses right now! It was hard to choose just one! Some were as cheap as $30 and were super cute. If you are looking for affordable cotton-y-ish dresses for summer, definitely stop by Zara.

Once this CT/NY weather warms up a little bit... (what the HECK Connecticut!!! all my cold weather clothes are packed...) you will be seeing these items in an outfit of the day.

What's the weather like where you are? I checked the forecast for Beijing and its looking good! An average of 70 degrees & mostly sunny for the next 10 days (hmm, I wonder if that takes into account the pollution!)

Anyway, I stopped in J. Crew today... check back tomorrow for what I found!



  1. I love Zara so much... I can live inside their stores. Hahaha! Love your top, it's so pretty. xoxo

  2. i love the flowy top :) zara is such a unique store! i'm a big fan of j.crew (i'm obsessed with their online catalogues!) can't wait to see your findings :)

  3. I love that olive dress, sooo pretty ;) I am going to Zara tomorrow so I hope to have your luck and find something nice!

  4. I love Zara, maybe even more than H&M!! The olive coloured dress is fantastic!

  5. Great finds! You will get a ton of wear out of that white shirt!
    That olive dress is ah-mazing.

  6. I used to shop a ton at Zara! Great finds!

    Today was chilly, wasn't it... I keep forgetting that you are in my neck of the woods right now.

  7. Love that top! I am a sucker for eyelet anything. :) Great finds!

  8. that first top is sooososo adorable.
    perfect summer top.<3

  9. I'm such a sucker for white sheer summery tops... I had to make myself stop buying them because I collected so many! But unfortunately they have a tendency to yellow with age and I threw them all out a little while ago. Now I'm hesitant to buy more...

  10. PettiteXXS - thats what I am worried about, especially in a city like Beijing! because its so dirty there. It will be really pretty while it lasts though! lol.

  11. I've never been to Zara, but I adore your finds - now I'll have to go and find out where there is one near me!

    I'm in CT, so I'm excited for this supposed 80 degree saturday!

    Chic on the Cheap

  12. I love the dress!!! The color and the detail is so feminine and pretty! Great finds!!! :) You should do a post with them on!! :)

  13. Great picks, Steph!:D

    Loving the dress, nice details!:D You can never go wrong with a white flowy top.:D

    Weather here in L.A. is crazy! Warm last weekend, cold right now, and will be warm again this weekend.
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  14. I'm not always a big Zara fan because the clothes are too generic for me, but sometimes I get lucky and find something unique in the store. I like the items you purchased. I would definately but the white shirt. Good choice!

    Tc, Nia B

  15. cute finds, I've never even heard of zara!

  16. Great purchases! I can't say anything for Zara in Asia, but in Europe the prices were cheaper. As excited as I am that Zara is in the states, we pay much more. Same with Topshop. Try to hold off on purchases here, because in Asia you will be floored by the deals there.


  17. Janice - you are right! All my Chinese teachers are like, why are you shopping BEFORE you go? Apparently the shopping is amazing and super cheap!

    I'm done shopping here. I bought a dress yesterday at J. Crew, and some Lululemon... and a bracelet (yikes) ... but, DONE! as of now :)

  18. That dress looks like the type of frock I wear almost every day in the summer. It's a great purchase! Beautiful top, too!

  19. I love ZARA!!! And love your purchases!

    I did some damage there myself yesterday. I got a great trench, lightweight wool cardi and an adorable little skirt. They're helping me get through these next few days without my spring clothes :)

  20. ooohhh Zara...lovely! Especially love the dress!